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    Wyoming Are bust. This photo definately belongs in the iconic denim photos thread imo, even more so in recent years with all the Levis jacket books/historical discoveries (books like Denimseekers come to mind). Plus it's the only photo l've seen with what looks like an early pocket-flapped 506xx (well 2 actually) - the model made between 1927 and c.1932. The photo is dated August 1929 and the text reads: " My grandfather Lee Patterson (left) and his friend Delwin Jackson, left thier homes in Laredo, Grundy county, Missouri to find work in Wyoming in 1929. They were eventually employed by a Mr. Armstrong to 'break broncs'. The trip took a scant '3 days and 2 nights'. So the photo is iconic but the back story maybe not so much And a close up..
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    lovely colors coming through
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    errolson ... LENNY, what the, what the fuck are you doing? Lenny ... erm, what, nothing. errolson ... ffs.
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    I haven't washed it for 1 year and 8 months since I wore it.
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    SP29K. Should be Kurz (short) with an above-the-knee cut. The metal nylon material looks like something out of a Stone Island catalogue, but should still be sourced from Milliken
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    Long time, no post. Gained a bunch of weight since I started graduate school, so I have been stuck with my 1101s. I think they are coming along nicely. White balance is a little off in the pictures
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    Ajko shadow and warehouse 50's
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    Ask them if they really come without the tab or if it's just for the website. Things like that happened in the past
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    Try celluloid maybe?
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    Hinoya? Or take a proxy so you can chose the carrier. DHL Express still delivers
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    their Grammarly subscription expired or what
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    The J104 technically marks the first release of a 100-variant jacket, a pretty momentous occasion for the team i'm sure. I'm still looking forward to the FW collection though, some amazing pieces that frankly blow SS out of the water.
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    … and the sides arrived …
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    Bought some lovely pieces of Sedgwick leather (one of the best tanneries on the go) - natural finish that’s been oiled; starts beautiful and ages even more beautifuller. Hoping to do it justice with some pieces - belts and maybe a bag or two …
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    One more jacket, too. Might be the most expensive drop this season!
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    Freewheelers Trackwalker, Duke’s Belt (the best you can buy), Freewheelers Lot 601RB, Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Brogue
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    You guys inspired me to throw my '66 in the washing machine. That wash really made them pop. Here's a quick photo of the whiskers ... Ignore the dog hairs .
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    Went to the beach to do a sea wash on my 1890’s and 1944’s. Wore them into the sea, covered them in sand, rubbed a little, and went back in to rinse them. Sat in the sun for a bit. The 44s buttons are really starting to rust.. nice patina forming.. maybe they were using cheap steel on the doughnut buttons? I was skeptical of the sea wash actually cleaning the jeans, but it does actually work.
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    If i'm posting Wham! or Sugababes then anything goes... apart from the songs from anything goes.. they're terrible Today's offering... Mmmm beautiful

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