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    My Ooe 02 Santa Fe's coming along, effective 6 months of wear
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    Manufacturer defect on the tag where two were placed on top of each other? I've never seen that before in legitimate jackets.
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    Mine was constantly popping out. I eventually stitched the button slot closed... then there was the issue with the pin catching on tucked shirts. After putting a couple of holes in favorite tees, I stitched a small leather square over the back of the pin and called it a day.
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    I washed them at 40C, spin of 1,000 and line dry The after pics are straight off the washing line, unworn and in darker skies. The before are a bit dirty, with pics taken in sunshine. I think this explain the difference The wash has definitely started to bring out the verticality of the denim and some lovely blue hues. Really promising denim imo I've worn them a couple of days since... they went back to pre-wash measurements pretty quickly... here's a quick pic from today, in sunlight again, so you can see...
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    1) It seems to me that Reddit and Instagram are convenient for those ‘in the know’ … i.e. trying to be an influencer (in whatever genre), but lack knowledge of detail. Forums by their very definition should drive discussion and education. 2) Trends are the problem, and in many ways why influencers are so prevalent.
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    It's interesting that you mention that, because I'm in my 20s now and would've been a kid in the 00's. I created an account here after a few years on the raw denim sub because I feel like the way reddit works as a platform isn't really ideal for discussion, but rather for making a single post and then people can comment on it, like instagram. I've seen and partaken in very few good discussions over there and thanks to the downvote/upvote system it's possible to say something and appear very smart even though you might be wrong and vice versa. I posted a picture of my very faded pair of 501 STFs from the 80's once and got downvoted into oblivion, obviously I was lying that these were once dark blue and anyone could tell that they were prewashed haha. They are also pretty far behind in terms of trends over there. Taper fit, Naked & Famous and PBJ are in the top posts month after month. They got blown away when I posted a picture of my TCBs and they realised that you could actually wash a pair of jeans more than once a year.
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    J95-WS looks super shiny IMO. Not quite like the previous unlined WS(53% PA, 47% ePTFE as on J82, J28, J87) or lined WS(78% PES, 22% ePTFE, as on J68 and J29). Could it be a new WS material?
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    @youngofthesoonest - looks like you're gonna be even busier soon! Congrats. Pretty much been on a version of this fit past 2 weeks now. Companion Denim jacket / Tender (woad) 129s / redwings. Jacket recently had it's first wash after 2.5 yrs occasional wear. It's a nice HBT and is coming alive a bit.
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    Some new knitwear in! These are knitted in Scotland from the ecru cotton yarn used to weave my calico, for shirts and also jeans back pocket linings. I had a lot of complaints from my knitter (weaving yarn is twisted differently to knitting yarn), but the effect is really lovely. The fabric is a fisherman's rib in the centres of the panels, but each panel is framed with higher tension rib around the edges, making a sort of skeleton of the garment seams. From prototype samples I've found this stretches down considerably with some wear, so the garments come up short initially. I've pulled out a turmeric dyed pullover for myself, which should fade really nicely. I'll keep y'all posted. here are the fits (both size 3, both brand new not stretched out:
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    I had issues with one button on my jacket, but I closed it with some pliers and put a small bend in it. Also I have the pin in the other way to your picture.
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    Thanks for this, and very sorry to hear you've had problems with your button. This has never happened for me, but over the years a few (I'd say no more than a dozen) people have asked about it. I'm very happy to send replacement pin(s) if you ever need it- please just let me know. My guess is that the button is moving up the pin to the end folded section, at which point the button is no longer in the centre of the pin, and it could just slide through? As @persco_ suggests, a gentle crimp with some pliers could help keep it centred. As far as other methods of attachment go- I experimented with sewing buttons on, but as the brass edges are fairly sharp it wouldn't have had longevity. Ring-style button backs were another option but they'd then stick out when the button is under tension (ie when being worn). I did also try prototyping a cast button which had its own integrated back, but it stuck out too much, and was a lot less comfortable than the straight-pin style. As I say, really sorry for the trouble, and do let me know (here or by email) if you'd like me to send some spare pins.
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    Fresh from the wash and dryer 7 years ago I probably tugged on the waist band a bit to see if they'd fit in all honesty, but haven't touched them since.
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    1001xx DSB (some or other anniversary edition) fresh from the wash, def. starting to show a lot more real wear in the last month or two The DSB denim fades crazy fast; I'm interested to see how long it'll keep looking nice before it starts blowing out to white
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    Rare family fit pic lol me: Buzz beanie marusankakupeke type ii Flat head flannel sugar cane 1947 visvim skagway Kid: vintage Levi’s type iii carhartt overalls Wife: Soulive indigo dyed long ma-1
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    visually: i've got a pretty typical top 3 i guess (P24A, P30A, P10A), for 3 distinct silhouettes material: having all made in E now just makes it that much better (i live in singapore, E is the most wearable pant material here followed by DS)
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    these finally came around According to PSAs Website they only got sold one-wash, even though they've been labelled raw. Only found them at PSA online, aswell, so this is the only info I have. Judging from the cardboard patch these are once washed, would explain the bit of puckering on the seams. Now just to hoping the inseam might shrink up an inch more and they are perfect for summer
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    Owned P24A-E for a few months and find this detail today: There are two "loops"(not sure about the formal name) inside two sides of the waist, just like P38-DS. I used them to hang the pants rather than using a clip hanger. Today, I just noticed there was a "hole" above the "loop". Back of the hole, it's Gore-tex enhanced. I have seen this patch on the back of P34-DS's pocket area as well. So just get the loop through the hole, it now hangs perfectly(left) rather than pulling all the fabric together with it(right) like I used to do. I never pay attention to the area before since there was no such hole on my P38-DS. I guess this is an upgrade.
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    P10-DS are my workhorse pants. I usually pair them with the S21-DS for hiking and am very happy with them. I find the fit very comfortable, the stretch is nice and they seem to perform well in both warm and cold temperatures. Never had a problem with abrasion, and the double fabric on the knees makes them pretty rugged. This is from a hike to Mount Assiniboine where they held up real nice through a variety of conditions including snow, rain, and intense heat.
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    Been many years since my last post here. I sold most of my ACR-gear, except my 3A-1 ofc. Since then I have become a father of two. Am now on the lookout for some outdoorsy pants to play in the woods, sandbox and other kid stuff. I want to avoid the boring "dad pants" like Fjallraven and Arcteryx and was thinking to copy some ACR just for the fun of it. I know it will be completely overkill, but why not, right? I have owned a lot of ACR pants, but never in Schoeller Dryskin. Would the DS material be fit for what I'm looking for? I read that it's abrasion resistant and sweat wicking. Sounds good to me. Or not?
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    Sorry to be late to the party... with apparently shaky hands (it's getting a bit dark here). Just out of the wash. Got some serious marbling last time so these went in inside out which has evened everything out nicely. These look pretty much exactly like all my other TCB - all of which look great, so I'm happy. I have to scroll back to see who won, but for me, knowing I have at least another year's worth of wear is prize enough. Thanks to everyone involved for a great job.
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    Sum early textures on these cane’s … 2 washes in. these are gna be good!!!
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    1004XX DSB 2 weeks in
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    WTS 3A-3TS bag Olive Green 9.5/10 condition Full pack Barely any signs of use. Has been out of the house less than 5 times. No rips, tears, scuffs, smells, etc. All zippers, strap length adjusters, etc work perfectly and as expected. I can ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. USD $775++, shipping in CONUS preferred but can ship internationally if needed. Reasonable offers considered.
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    The #78 "grandpa fades" legend lives on! I like to think I reminded them of this pair as I recently reminisced about it on Instagram; Lo and behold they posted it a few days later This is the one fabric I wish I got to experience from OOE when they were still doing custom orders (#0 was long gone unfortunately), what a blast to see this pair again!

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