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    ship john hat whitesville tee sugar cane 47s birks hope everyone is having a great summer. i’m ready for it to wind down here in the pacific northwest so i can don all my loopwheel knits
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    All-Time High hermosa tshirt sugar cane 1947 rick Owens ramones apollo still rocking all hand me down clothes minus the star of Hollywood bandana and mini vans.
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    First time wearing the contests since May. Forgot how comfortable they were/are. Better pics when my photographer returns from vacation
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    So, despite these two denims being referenced as XX-27 from Cone they feel very different. The OA version is a lot more rough, while Roy's version is smoother. The color of the OA version is a lot brighter blue, while Roy's version is more muted/dark. Here are some comparison photos, OA on top and Roy below. I think the last two photos do the best job representing the variance. Roy left, OA right: OA on top, Roy below: Roy up front, OA behind:
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    Glad I've at least kept lurking during the pandemic, otherwise I would have missed the news about the SC price bump. I managed to snag some new 47s at the old price. I wore my 5 year old pair a lot this summer. They've held up wonderfully, but they increasingly need little repairs here and there. This is the first time I've bought the same pair twice, and it's been pretty gratifying to see old & new side-by-side.
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    Update on pair #90. I’ve missed maybe 3 or 4 days of wear since the start of the contest. Phone camera can’t quite capture the right shade of blue (it’s darker than the photos suggest), but you get the idea. They’ve accompanied me through a fair bit of camping, hiking and fishing from Oregon to Alaska to Utah and back, and we’ve spent a lot of time on the floor playing with and wrangling my young daughter. Considering I work from home, they’ve been through quite a bit and have been seemingly slow to fade, but I guess I always forget just how dark they were to begin with. I’ve washed em maybe 10 to 15 times, and they’re about due for a crotch reinforcement. I keep both a US half dollar coin and a 500 yen coin in the coin pocket and I like the subtle way that partnership is showing up. Some great looking pairs as of late! Hard to believe it’s only/already been nearly a year since we started!
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    Freewheelers Dylan, Jackson and Outlaw, Bootleggers Steamroller, (Rebuildable) White’s and Duke’s Belt
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    Doing some air force training .......... McCoys air force sweat Warehouse 1001xx 25th Donny1
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    V quick n dirty (mirror) one wh vintage tcb weejuns
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    Another pair of Denime, 20th Anniversary today
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    Summer wear… Sun Surf rayon shirt showing seven works from Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji’... nicely packaged too
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    Say what you want about Marrkt, high prices, high fees for sellers. At least they didn't quite know what they were selling here and to me it looks like a pair of 66XX from the Orizzonti era (might be a 805XX though, rise is maybe a tad lower?! NOPE, 66XX..the 805XX has copper buttons). Deadstock. "Golden size" Edit: and yeah, they were quite cheap
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    I think theses look perfect. The 710, to me (and I think to Hayashi) must be a relaxed fit. Yes it's kind of slim, but you can have a slim and relaxed fit. That's the point of the 710 imo. Why the 710 look so good on asian bodies and so slim on caucasian's ? Because as Hayashi said, it's 2 completely different body types. If you listen to Hayashi's advice for sizing, he said "take it snug because it will gain an inch", yes, but that's for an asian body. For a caucasian body I definitly think you should size up. It looks good on asian bodies because they (usually) are skinny around the waist, the thigh, the butt and the legs (compare to us, caucasians). The result of that is some room left around the thigh and orevall around the legs, which gives it a delicious relaxed and vintage vibe, almost to a bootcut-vintage type of vibe. (that's a woman though) Of course, having a small waist will reinforce that, genetic is a thing, we all know that. But even with a larger waist you can get this type of vibe while sizing up and wearing it high on the waist.
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    I seem to remember that we moved in around 1972, or slightly earlier (must ask Dad…). Consequently, we are one oldest party in the house. When I was visiting our old family friends and neighbours living directly on the floor below us, I felt like traveling back in time… They haven’t changed much (or any) of the original features from the original 1913-1930 set-up… Each floor currently has 4 units. Given the layout and knowing that around the 1930’s it was common practice in a lot of the older houses to split the bigger units into halves - I believe that the original set-up was only 2 units per floor. you enter the apartment and come into the long hallway… to the left you have a bathroom and a small hallway to the kitchen & back entrance/Service entrance. off the small hallway you the chamber for the maid. there used to be bell unit next to the chamber door - each room was equipped with an electric bell and you could see which room was to be attended to. here’s the kitchen… that’s the old kitchen machine. Gas powered for the hub (under the granite plate) and the left top oven. The two bottom ovens were wood fired, IIRC. Theses units were taken out of order in the late 1970’s - early 1980’s - they had to change the type of gas and close the chimneys. Central heating was integrated after the house was build - sometimes these radiators ended up in the weirdest places. Under the window you had your ice box/fridge. The construction is completely lined with tin sheets (or zinc?) on the inside and the little door directly on the floor is where a fresh block of ice would whenever needed. Horse carriages with ice blocks would deliver these daily. There was an outlet for the thawing ice water on the outside wall. This is one of the two front rooms facing the side street with a door to the balcony. Complete with herringbone parquet and ceiling details. Initially, the centre of the ceiling had gas pipe coming out for the chandelier.
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    Found a better print of that arial shot… But let’s shift over to my side of the street, right? here are 2 historic shots of my block from the 1920’s (IIRC). The first picture shows our apartment house’s corner on the left. We live on the 3rd floor and have our front room windows and balcony facing a quiet side street. the 2nd picture shows the second half of the block facing the main street where the house entrance is located. Our house is the left part. today… Here some pictures of the side street with balcony… And at the end of that side street is the house where the Berlin Army (Wehrmacht) surrendered to the Russian Army in the Battle of Berlin. The general declaration of surrender came a couple of days later, but not in Berlin…
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    Canes M41001 / Sun Surf / Hollows / Viberg
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    ^thinking about the first pair of 710 I had (which I sold to Max Power) and the later versions I own now, there might be a small noticeable difference. But some variations in the denim are always to be expected even when there was no change. So from the pairs I got over the last years I would have never said, Hayashi-san changed something.
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    If this was the neighbourhood olympics @Foxy2 would win gold. Just up the road from us in leafy Broomhill there was an old hotel called Hallam Towers, Designed by Nelson Foley of the Trust House Architectural Department, Pele stayed there, Bowie used to party there.. Hallam Towers c1965 ..it eventually closed in 2004 becoming a playground for urban explorers https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/hallam-towers-sheffield-dec-11.67041/ The council bulldozed a load of rubble around the ground floor to prevent entry but it didn't stop them, one of the fire hoses was thrown from the second floor window and folks used to climb up the fire hose to gain entry one night in 2017 a student fell to his death so the council took the owners of the derelict building to court and forced them to demolish it, which they did.. A couple of years ago they decided to rebuild Hallam Towers as flats, they've already sold most of them from the plans before they foundations were even laid, the top floor flats were £750,000 each, the sale was so successfull they've decided to slap another 2 floors on top much to the disapproval of Broomhill residents. I was riding back from Edale last Sunday and it's f***ing massive, you can see it all the way from Stannage protruding over the trees like a tower block. Just down the road you can buy a really nice house for £750,000 with your own front and back garden...
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    This is kinda the look I’m after. Guess I should had posted this pic before... I know that someone referred to this pic a couple of years ago and they mentioned that the 47’s could be a similar fit.
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    That Tender jacket is so good. I wish I'd picked one up.
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    Yes, still enjoying these. My only complaint is I’ve had to restitch all the suspender buttons as the original stitching was pretty poor. No signs of wear yet. Still wearing my TCBs a lot. I think the combination of the fit and (light)weight of the denim will make these slow-faders, which is fine by me. As I wear them low the combs will be nice & low:
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