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    Looks like the official F/W preview will be posted on the Warehouse website on July 26th. I’m liking these war era Lees.
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    warehouse 80's baker pants clarks
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    Just walked a lot farther than I intended to—boots are starting to break in (this being maybe their third or fourth day of wear, & their first walk more than a few miles), and they’re a joy to wear Freewheelers / Cane’s / Flame Panda Tender shades
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    Atlast co, mr freedom, atlas co, vans
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    Chilly day. Shades of pink. Vintage SS sweat Levi's 501 XX Off the Wall
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    Hi everyone! I'm wearing CSF because I haven't returned for a while after putting out tcb contest jeans for repair.
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    Mister Freedom Paniolo Edition Californian Jeans & Blank Tees Mister Freedom’s new Paniolo Edition Californian jeans are here. These are made of Sugar Cane’s 14oz “Hawaii” denim and finished with all the classic Mister Freedom Lot 64 details, which are far too many to list here. Best to check our product page for a long list of all the details this jean contains, it’s quite impressive. We’ve had our run lightly rinsed to make sizing easier due to the unsanforized Hawaii denim. You can find these now along with a full restock of all Mister Freedom blank tees at all stores. Shop Mister Freedom Online
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    New Seuvas Flannels & Moleskin Shirts We've got two new Seuvas shirts and a restock of both of their chambray shirts this week. One of our favorite shirt brands has ventured into the world of flannels and they’ve just dropped their second release. Seuvas come through with a shirt made of an original selvedge flannel complete with double-needle construction, gusseted side seams, and their signature single Amakusa pottery stone button as the only external branding. It’s no surprise that Seuvas is capable of producing such nice flannels considering all textiles and even the sewing is done in-house in their own factory in Okayama, Japan. As part of Suevas’ new summer line they’ve also produced a shirt made of a beautiful 100% cotton moleskin fabric. This shirt also comes with their signature construction and ceramic button branding. Both of these shirts along with a full restock of both of their chambray shirts can be found at all stores now. Shop Seuvas Online
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    organic cone denim
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    Hopefully your not sick seeing these but I've finally decided ( definitely ) to start wearing a new pair . There at a really nice stage of wear and I love the jeans so I don't want to wear them to shreds , the price hike means I'll likely not get another pair so these will only be for occasional wear from here on out
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    The Fine Creek Shinki Horsehide Alonzo Jacket The Alonzo jacket from Fine Creek is back! Check out the sheen on this horsehide, it’s truly beautiful the way veggie-tanned Shinki reflects light. This is the Fine Creek Alonzo model and is made of what we believe to be the best horsehide in the world from Japan’s famed Shinki Hikaku tannery. This 1.3mm tea-core dyed horsehide feels and looks great when new and looks unbelievable when broken in. The Alonzo jacket has three zippered outer pockets and is cupro lined. These are available now in limited numbers at all stores. Shop Fine Creek Online
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    Iron Heart Thermals, Shirts, Jeans & Everything Else We've got a large shipment this week from Iron Heart containing jeans, sneakers, jackets, belts, and new thermals and shirts. For Iron Heart's new denim shirt they've taken a pure indigo dyed warp and a black sulfur dyed weft and woven them together to create a beautiful 14oz denim. The shade on this denim is unique and will look wild once it’s lightened up with some wear. The new thermals from Iron Heart are great for layering or just to wear alone. They’ve got some very cool 4-needle flat seam construction and chainstitch run-off from the sleeves and hem; get em now in black or gray. We've also got loads of new production runs of jeans, belts, sneakers, and denim, corduroy, and horsehide jackets. You can find all these items now across all stores. Shop Iron Heart Online
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    Had a go at a pocket repair today.
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    Hi Folks, Just checking in with an update. These have just had their 4th wash with 5 months of effective wear. I’ve had to repair the back yoke stitching which can undone otherwise going strong! Love what I’m seeing on here!
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    After another wash, drying in the sun
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    my trusty 1912s love these jeans. Too bad the wait is 6 years now. Haha
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    Ankara red line cone denim. Good leg twist action on these
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    Iron Heart Flannel, Chambray, & Denim Shirts We've got four hot shirts from Iron Heart this week. We have a new 5oz summer-weight linen/cotton blend chambray, a CPO shirt made of a 18oz "Vintage" denim, a 12oz Wabash shirt, and an Ultra-Heavy flannel in red/black. You can find these four shirts in limited numbers across all of our stores. Shop Iron Heart Online
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    Lucky me score this last pair crisp S5000VX 20th Anniversary .love the details on this gem.
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    Can’t remember the last time I posted a fit pic here on Sufu. Been getting back into denim lately. Been almost 10 years. These are the s5000vx tagged size 35. I can’t even remember how many washes and wears but here are a couple fits.
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    Been wearing this sc66 ranch blouse like a shirt lately. I love the weight and the tone of this denim. I even layer it under the wool indigo CPO.
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    Crosspost from WAYWT MF Cowboy Jacket MF Camp Flannel Was very happy to be able to grab a Camp Flannel since it’s from ‘13. They apparently found backstock at Christophe’s partners shop.