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    Same old ... same old Conners s409xxx ww2 White t shirt Conners s409xxx Vans
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    More photos in from my hiking partner, now incl. wildflowers, turkeys, mossy trees, major swaths of burn damage from recent wildfires, & jeans
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    Feeling refreshed & revived after a weekend outside // trying out the squat Tender / Tezo / Cane’s / Tender / Tricker’s
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    I have not been on a plane in a couple of years at least, but it is a good thing I have been recently vaccinated as holy [email protected]$! there were a lot of people in the airport and the plane was completely full. But here is a picture of the jeans. Funny how the light makes both legs look different. Flying Alaska as I almost always do. Here are some bonus desert pictures at my destination
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    Just seen this thread and wanted to second this. Blurb about them; "There is absolutely nothing basic about these awesome Sunray Sportswear (formerly Revolver) plain t-shirts. Made from a heavyweight jersey (260gsm) they will stand the test of time and the low yarn count offers a sumptuous and luxurious softness that you just don't find elsewhere. The Haleiwa style uses recycled cotton from cotton combing and when this is formed into yarn it helps to give these tees their trademark fluffy feel and unique uneveness. And believe it or not, they become even softer with wear! The style is produced on an antique loopwheel knitting machine in Japan (one of 2 left in the world!) and this allows for the tee to have no side seam, whilst the slow knitting process produces no stress on the yarn so it will almost never go out of shape. The fit is traditional and has been given a little extra in the length to its predecesor, to create a style that will never go out of fashion. There is also no external branding to name or date the piece. The angle of the sleeve and the neck ribbing offer a classic 50's look, back when a t-shirt was made well enough to stand alone and be the epitome of style." I have six of their tees now and absolutely love them. They keep their shape when washing, feel amazing and the design of them is pretty much exactly what I want from a tee. Cons of the brand: Quite pricey at £60 a tee (absolutely worth it though), limited choice of colours and in an ideal world they would make a size 48 so I could get looser fit ones too. They also make long sleeved versions and sweatshirts but I have yet to try these. Unfortunately the web site seems to be quite out of date for US stockists, plenty of UK ones though.
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    I feel your pain mondo. I've learned a new word though with glaneur Getting things back on track with my usual double denim... M&S Moscot LVC lot 557 Sunray 70s 501 (definitely too big nowadays and should probably get them taken up but my only proper vintage selvedge jeans) Red Wing Beckman
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    Bought these Bartack's new (old/stock) way back around when l first joined sufu but now cant find my pics of them here so... Made in around 1994 iirc. The pocket design has been altered by me to look more like a levis one, l cut the tab off (think it was blue) and also removed the uninteresting (to me) patch. Guy on ebay had a batch so l rolled the dice for 75 quid. 36x33 but measured 35x39. Super green cast denim, which always seems impossible for me to catch on my phone camera, and different colours/gauges of cotton thread used. Got them hemmed at Soas. Odd back pocket positions but love them overall and the denim has that vintage marble thing going on from normal wash and wear. No hidden rivets but some nice details nonetheless -
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    How do we not have a thread for Mike Hodis’ brand Runabout Goods Anyways here’s a photo of my custom jacket after a couple weeks working construction. I love it
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    are you guys sizing down on those pants? only thing i can think of is the pants being a bit small and you guys shuffling around while being seated causing the tears.
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    I picked up the sugar cane black 1947s. This is the black jean I’ve been waiting for. papa Nui hat pbj tshirt 3sixteen chore coat sugar cane black 1947 visvim skagway
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    Wearing the wonky pocket jelados
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    He says that every time he sees the photo "dad! why did you drop me on the floor?" "i didn't, i was loading the car up for a day at the seaside and you were the last thing to go in" ..or at least that's what i told social services
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    At the optometrist Outlier cap ACR E-J4TS Uniqlo T ACR P14 Asics
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    Random blurry SC-47's with Woolrich, Woolen Mills chambray.. nearly 12yrs ago
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    200 wears in. I've switched to washing them every month or so since my last update. Have a bit of love–hate relationship with the rise on these!
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    Bump... On the topic of wide legged jeans... These 147s clock in at 35cm thigh (measured at crotch), 33 FR, 43 BR on a size 34... plenty of thigh room
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    Throwing this curious band out there for folk should it float boats. A mix of good traditional heavy metal and early black metal (first wave, not the 90s shrieking black metal). Songs are retellings of traditional Slovakian folktales, and sang (snarled/growled) in their native tongue. Tracks titled ‘In the provincial pond, a water goblin has been raging for centuries’ and ‘Not long after midnight, the abomination has crawled out of the hole’ are worth a listen right? Plenty of changing (metal) styles, classical excerpts and cool-sounding samples from old Slovakian films make this a great listen. Edit: it’s not a wind-up. There is music after the 45 seconds of farm animals at the beginning.
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    ^Totally this. Been doing it like this as well, only problem I got is the front-pocket blowouts I get from my phone are more pronounced the more I cycle. That's on me though, since I keep it in a front pocket and I can't find a smaller phone that fits my needs anymore. Wide thighs and a higher rise help with this, though. Also great in winter, else you'll freeze your arse off, depending on how you sit.
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    I used to,...for years...it does accelerate the fading 4sho. I used to wear jeans for every waking moment (and occasional sleeping) from hiking in the snow to strolling along the beach, i would get up in the morning pull on my 'home' jeans, ride to work, change into my 'work' jeans... work for 10 hours or so, change back into my home jeans, ride home, rinse/repeat. Same 2x pairs of jeans every single day, I would wash at 6mts intervals (bear in mind, it's 2x pairs sharing the day so in effect, this would be more like 3mts) and both pairs would go from raw to rags in no more than 2 years.. again 2x pairs/day so in reality, raw to rags in 12months. Around 2017 i decided to try my best to stop buying jeans (ive bought 2x pairs in the last 5yrs, i think ive done quite well) i didn't want to burn through my remaining denim collection in a few short years so i bought a pair of Showers Pass Track Pants for cycling, in the hope of minimising the wear and eke out what i have left, ive never looked back, some nights i just slob around in the track pants Last pair of jeans i wore for biking was these CSF and you can see the wear from the Brooks saddle on the arse, i assume this would be worse still if your saddle has more friction.
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    I had my sister snap some shots of me during our morning bike ride and couldn’t help but notice the progress on the s40s. I am currently a month behind the start date and just gave them a hot wash/dry two weeks ago
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    cross-post from the Denime thread. These are some 66s that I've worn for various stretches since 2011. This other pair are also Shins-era 66s (I think?) worn hard for three years and regularly washed warm and tumble-dried. And some comparisons:
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    Got these M41001 hemmed at SoaS (thanks to @Double 0 Soul for the recommendation) who handed them onto David at Soldier Blue. These feel immediately less weighty and a lot better length for me now. That said, I'll probably get my reserve pair a bit shorter. Fair play to David – he didn’t have an exact cotton match so he used some of his own from home. He also noticed the backside seam was coming away so he repaired that into the bargain. Good man - worth a shout out.