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    tcb 60sx 40s x excelsior lots of great pics on this page gents! @Kit Carruthers need to get my dirty paws on the same pair of suede paraboots, SO good!
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    •MomotaroJacket •BrownDuckdigger •JCrewTee •Vans x Takahayashi •EFFECTOR fuzz
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    lovely updates gents. @Paul T great to see you're in fine shape and the jeans are still unfaded ; ) @bartlebyyphonics very educational comparison post! love it! I've used my pair for some yard work and promptly washed them right side out at 60° C just because the washing machine is the only thing that can fade my jeans at this stage!
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    Sending everyone positive vibes for Easter. Spotted in the sky: WH, LVC, TCB
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    top work @Paul T! Teacher are such a key part of the front-line at the moment: so hope you are keeping safe as well as exhausted! [my daughter's secondary school is being vigilant on testing and ensuring social isolation happens among bubbles to keep teachers safe; hoping your employer is looking out for you too...] in denim terms: just done a wash... as denim characteristics emerge some comparisons with other tcb and with a cone lvc '44 from a few years back... [left to right] 20s-s40s-50s back pocket corner... 20s-s40s s40s-50s 20s-s40s-50s front pocket rivet 20s-s40s s40s-50s and coin pockets of s40s-lvc'44 [now they have approximately similar wear...] and same again for pocket rivets and denim of lvc'44-s40s and then key evidence of denim slubs / vertical rain on various back pockets... 20s 50s lvc'44 and then contest pair of s40s ... [almost no rain on the tcb 40s denim; instead almost granular / sandpapery still ... there is some hiding in there, but very different to other tcb offerings I have worn thus far...]
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    happy holidaze ... enjoying the resurgence of white with @Double 0 Soul and @Kit Carruthers... @unders - with great steez comes great responsibility... and a shout to @volvo240thebest and @Uncle Karl - Russell Mocs and Filson vest brotherhood... filson-old eddie bauer-s40s tcb-rmocs
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    So, the good news: my new job as a teacher has been every bit as stressful as you'd think, battling with unreliable public transport requiring a hike over Blackheath every day, and while every day is pretty inspiring I collapse in an exhausted heap at the end and count the days until my next holiday. So my somewhat undersized jeans fit pretty much perfectly, with - Volvo - no muffin top. Bad news: no time for photos and a 3-day a week jeans regime. But here we are. Love to all.
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    plus a different park down the road... in the spirit of @buler a while back ... getting back on the wheels... losing skin and all that fun...
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    Poten , buzz, sunray, evisu, nb
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    cushman full count paraboot
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    TCB - West Ride - Vans
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    1543098 on the left, 1523017 on the right
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    Since its snowing, might as well just stay in and take photos for the 8th month update
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    The dreaded flat lay ..... But they dont fit jack and I thought it was a cool pic . Be a good few years before these all fit but I know he will look awesome when they do
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    Hope everyone’s enjoyin Easter weekend. bronson wh margaret howell full count paraboot
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    Tcb 60s jacket Warehouse sweat Tcb 50s Russell mocs
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    Filson Runabout Goods Starborn FW 1943
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    Tcb 60s x 50s tux 60s jacket X 50s jeans
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    Sugarcane of course!!! This is my au'naturel from 2008ish, cheap af, and f'kin awesome
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    Good tip on the Tightly Stitched / engine recommendation, don’t mind the curve in the buckle at all. The one freeco posted above looks great. The thing with my Tender belt is that it has an edge at the bottom that leaves a very distinct fade / indent in my jeans. It’s a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things.
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    Vintage 1984-86 Adidas Ivan Lendl £2 Tee Junky 46's Adidas Tennis Two outfit changes in two days.... i'm like Mariah Mantee!
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    New addition to the family Denny the long hair dachshund