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    0500 lot10 officially retired
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    lot2000 no1. can only fit these if i dont button the top button
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    cant fit these so i decided to list them on ebay. thought the thread might like the pics. cant find the warehouse contest thread anymore.
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    Nice to see the olive dunks from the e-p1a shots make a comeback. Good timing
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    MF MF Belt Full Count/RRL TCB 40s Julian
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    Apologies everyone. I should know by now that lack of engagement typically diminishes the potential for serotonin squirts that these idiots thrive on. I blame the beer partially. But myself overall. So yeah- DS is a great tee material tho amirite
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    I cook a lot, mostly in three or four pots & pans (and mostly with just the one 6" knife, not pictured) 10" cast iron, no markings, not sure where I got it (Maybe inherited from a previous partner's mom? Maybe found at a thrift store…), re-seasoned every few years but mostly just washed with soap & water then dried and wiped down with light oil after use 13" rough-coated cast iron, Staub, go-to for roasting just about anything 18 cm copper saucier, Falk, great for any cream sauces, or just for simple things like scalding milk 5 qt. rough-coated cast iron cocotte, Staub, great for soups or as a Dutch oven, and the lid has a grille on it that's good for steaming (see gefilte fish) 10" carbon steel crepe pan, unknown make, also great for omelettes, and for pressing tortillas Bonus! Cast iron meat grinder, Simmons Keen Cutter, well-used & well-loved (actually my parents', currently on loan)
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    Right behind you on the knee tears @Uncle Karl think this is post-wash #13:
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    100% this. This thread should be for fans of the brand. I understand that some constructive criticism or discussion about QC issues will be inevitable, but if someone literally hates everything about the brand and knows they could do everything better, I agree that they should go start their own thread and/or clothing brand.
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    cross-post from the Denime thread. These are some 66s that I've worn for various stretches since 2011. This other pair are also Shins-era 66s (I think?) worn hard for three years and regularly washed warm and tumble-dried. And some comparisons:
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    I thought we clarified that some of us were in STEM fields
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    Just switched to washing monthly, everything about these jeans is holding up well, especially the front pockets. They’re becoming my work jeans for when I’m out and about but if I’m at home there’s just too much competition with all the other denim I have. Knees are holding up well!!!
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    Ercol 1950s-60s compact desk which I bought for my wife a few years back Always good to buy a loved one a present that you really want yourself anyway – winner winner Only 69cm wide so fits an alcove nicely Made of beech and elm – lovely grained wood Comprises Base unit with single drawer (Model 437) Top section with two small drawers (Model 439) Low back chair (Model 414) The desk could do with a gentle refurb as it looks like the previous owner might have been playing with wood stain and the handle needs repairing - otherwise solid condition It was largely ornamental before the pandemic – home schooling meant my little lad has been using it And top marks to the little fella - no chewing gum under the seat or initials carved and filled with ink!!! Thereby avoiding 1,000 lines and detention
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    Out getting supplies for Jack's new puppy Me Warehouse sweat Warehouse s1001xx 46 Converse jackstar Jack Ninjago cap Ninjago sweat Nippers N01 jeans Jordan's
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    Ok so about 9 months or so ago I lost my job , I've been a welder more or less from I left school and never really liked it .... just kind of fell into it and never left but lockdown and whatnot got me thinking and eventually I decided to try something different . People who know me know that I'm pretty passionate about vintage and collect kids stuff for my little man Jack so I decided to use that to try and start my own kids brand Took me a bit to find a manufacturer but after a bit of trial and error I contacted Shingo-san of denimbase ( he is awesome ) and he was able to use his connections to find a factory in kojima to take on the project So on to the good stuff The Nippers N01 is a reproduction of a mid 50's 503zxx ( the children's version of the 501zxx ) . The denim is a 13.5oz Memphis cotton denim woven in Shinya mills And some fit pics with my main man Jack These are the sample pair so there is a few changes to be made in the production models 1 being to add a little length to the inseam and the other , the leather patch will be printed in red ( this one was just burnt out and always intended to be changed ) Really excited to start this so hopefully I'll be seeing some Nippers on superdenim shortly
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    Hi everyone! Great posts for everyone! It's a lot of fun to see jeans that fit your lifestyle. Speaking of my jeans, I need more repairs after I come back from repair. haha I don't like shooting under room lighting, but ... The coin pocket is tattered. The Zippo inside will show your face. The top and bottom of the repaired area were torn further. Folded back pocket. My wallet hurts, so I want to repair it as soon as possible. I can't even see the picture of the wonderful patch. I should have saved it as a memorial before the contest started ... I am using the chair that was used in the U.K. school.Of course, my daughter is also my favorite. My daughter also likes the table made from the legs of the sewing machine.
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    All of the science that I do happens inside of a stainless steel vacuum chamber. There are a few windows on the chamber, but never as many as we'd like there to be—and, as such, the areas around them are always crowded with lenses and mirrors in order to fit all the different sorts of light in and out that we can. Because of this, in the 3+ years that I've been working on this experiment, I've never really gotten a great view into the science chamber. As a matter of fact, it's been so long since the mirrors and lenses started getting added that the person from whom I inherited the whole thing, in his 7+ years working on the experiment, never got got to see directly inside the chamber either—at least not from any good angles. Right now, after a series of mishaps, we're in the process of pumping out our chamber. A very small amount of water got into it and stuck to the walls, and this is reacting with the rubidium that we use to do science and creating hydrogen, which doesn't stick to the walls, and which causes trouble bouncing around. To get rid of the water, we need to wrap the chamber up in heater tape and fiberglass and aluminum foil and heat the whole thing up pretty hot while it's connected to a series of pumps; to wrap the chamber appropriately, we need to remove all of the surrounding optics. For the first time in almost a decade, it's possible to get a good view into the science chamber. For me, this is a Very Nice Thing.
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    @Flash That is too freaking cool! I'm expecting my first born later this year. Found out its gonna be a boy! Most definitely will pick a pair up for when he's old enough to wear them! Cheers to fantastic work!!!!
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    OG = colloquial term for "original gangster" (or "old guard" in my book) referring to the original "SEIKO" dial! Recent pick up; new 34mm Oyster Perpetual: These were actually slimmed down in 2020 from the last gen which was closer to a 35mm. These are decidedly smaller at near 31mm but I wanted to go all in on a smaller size this time around. Couldn't be happier. Of note, the new 34s feature a Syloxi (silicon) hairspring which is a first for steel models (was only used in Pearlmaster and Yachtmaster models prior) and are non-magnetic among other properties.
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    Picked up a pair of Sugar Cane duck canvas carpenter pants. I’m a big fan of the fit. Plenty of room in the leg but the top block is ever so slightly more trim. poten birdseye cap strike gold hoodie self edge graphic tshirt # 15 sugar cane duck canvas pants vans
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    Got a visit from the postman today Sized up about 5 years for maximum comfort Little man has style though .... There was something else in the package that I'm really excited to show and tell you guys all about , been working on it for close to a year and finally have something physical to show . Still need a bit of time before I'm ready but hopefully I'll be able to show something in a few days
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    And these are the S0500xx from a few days back
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    Can’t remember the last time I posted a fit pic here on Sufu. Been getting back into denim lately. Been almost 10 years. These are the s5000vx tagged size 35. I can’t even remember how many washes and wears but here are a couple fits.