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    bronson wh margaret howell tcb nike
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    H&MxLee Sunray Sportswear tee Edwin Lee repro RW engineers
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    Cheap beanie / TCB / TCB / Red Wing
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    And this is my pair 6 months passed. I came back from the repair and on the second day my knee broke again.
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    3A-2 just arrived, the webbing is much darker than the product pictures suggest.
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    Taken just prior to going in for wash number 2.
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    Freewheelers Kerouac, Pemberton, Bakehead and Conductors c/w Tender + White’s
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    M&S RRL jacket Champion x Snyder Edwin Lee repros Red Wing Blacksmiths
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    WTS J34-GTPL Small, full pack: $1200 shipped in CONUS J58-WS Medium, full pack: $750 shipped in CONUS or take both for $1800 shipped in CONUS or trade above for your J84-S in Small
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    A little bit closer on this amazing linen canvas - one of the best fabrics FW have used
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    runabout goods tee runabout goods sweater FW 1947 whites moc toe
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    Finally showing some fades A lot of pics, tell me if i need to calm down... (there is a way to hide some pics on sufu ?) I need to be more careful when i shoot some pics, my 40s almost flew away, it's a stormy weather in Belgium at the moment
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    But but but Cone Denim takes forever to fade.... My ass. Just gotta work the hell out of it
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    brand new “Lee 50s Rider”. European exclusive for this season.
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    cp2-ss, j62-pb, p25h-ds, dr.martens x wtaps
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    Lee 101z lot 49, 214 wears, one bathtub wash at 183 wears with Mr. Black denim wash.
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    3A-1 sold. Still have the P25.
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    IH shirt, FHUTT braces, Warehouse triple stitch cowboy pants...
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    Why even bother owning things that aren’t blue JWJ / Orgueil / Hollows / Cane’s / Lofgren
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    i really really wanted to wash them but my now Fiance said i should wait soooo.... i took some evo pic instead. started in July, did a warm soak with bonners in back October.
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    Also in case anyone wants to get sucked into a (quite beautiful) rabbit hole regarding treadle machines, I came across this incredible artist on youtube several years ago. It’s so incredible how detailed her work is!