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    New pair of 1947s to break in. Sized up one in the waist for a bit of a comfy fit. Picked them up on my first visit to Japan. Was pretty incredible to see all the denim up close and personal after like 15 years of shopping them online.
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    Some immediate thoughts on the CP4-WS: - It's extremely light and thin; creasing doesn't seem to be a problem out of the box (I was worried I'd have to steam it before wearing it, but no). No question this thing is supremely packable, and I'll likely be stashing it in my 3A-1 for days when it's threatening to rain. - Not sure how much rain this thing will be able to take; what's the practical wisdom regarding windstopper and water resistance? - "Half cover mode" is not as symmetrical as I thought it would be, zipped up. From the pictures I got the impression the zipper would rest perpendicular to the floor; in reality, it rests slightly diagonally (check the photos on the mothersite—it's not just Lenny's lean). - "Full cover mode" is how I'll likely be using this piece most of the time. The site provides instructions on how to orientate the cape for this mode, but I just reach up and centre the hood with both hands, and the cape sort of falls into place. If I haven't put my right arm through the jacket sling before switching to this mode, the weight from the sling will pull the hood clockwise and mess up the alignment. Not a huge problem, as I expect I'll be using the sling a fair bit. - The snap near the wrist is only on the left side. I'm not sure what it's for; I'd thought it might be to keep the cape from rotating on its own, but so far I haven't had that issue. Furthermore, keeping it snapped seems to mess up the drape a little bit; the cape looks better when the snap isn't done up. - It's quite long. I'm 6'1"; when I'm wearing it in jacketsling mode, the sling needs to be totally tightened, or there's a risk it'll touch the floor (Lenny's shorter than me, and you can see how low it goes when he has it fully tightened). - The "one size" aspect is wonderful; it allows me to wear this over basically anything. I tried it over my Graph Cardigan and my Mionn IS Jacket with no issues at all. It also fits over my 3A. I suspect the right side was left intentionally longer than the left to accommodate bag use (after all, the hood could have been placed on the other side of the zipper—they had a choice). - Hood adjusters work like a dream. The hood itself provides lots of coverage. - SITH LORD VIBES.
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    Guess I'll go first..
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    Geeman, I'm pretty sure it's the guys behind Superdenim and Real McCoy's London and I agree the pricing is bizarre. Love the idea that they're helping to resell clothing they originally sold for comission. Genius of sorts!?
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    Here's an example of this irregular selvedge That's a English 50 pence piece.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx4ieTCoPqq/ A little more than a year, washed every 14-20 wears approx.
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    monitor down/s10/align mx/3a5ts/sfb
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    Nice fit on those @ColdsnapBryan. I wish they would make a special run with the arcs and tabs again.
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    Most recent pickup
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    Some more Type 444 Boomerang shirts and jackets have just gone up on the Stores, and will be at stockists over the next few days. Here's how they work: This style is cut quite long, and the bias fabric means they stetch into shape really beautifully, especially across the shoulders. I have one in rinsed Carding Cloth, and it's a favourite.
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    WTS: J32-GT Size M Gen 1.1. Specsheet, tags and bag included as well. Feel free to request more photos. Slight peeling on seam tape, mostly in areas of non issue. I highlighted the most dramatic spot. No sign of delamination, jacket in good condition otherwise. Looking for a decent price, I paid 1,000 for it and don't expect to get that back. 800 USD + shipping (willing to negotiate) is what I'm really gunning for, PM for discussion. No longer fits me, need gone. Willing to trade for a J32-GT In size L or GT-J34 size L. Also interested in a J44L-GT in L. Shipping from US. Sorry if I'm in over my head. SPF.
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    from photographer Drew Kelly
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    Classic crotch shot Asics, sda 202, old stussy t
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    Dang, I've been busy lately. But here's a few pics at least to get us on page 1 again. A while ago I went to visit colleagues in Malmö that has their office in Turning Torso, the tallest building in Sweden. It was pretty neat when we visited the top floor and had some low foggy clouds rolling in beneath us. Also went to a really big day of thrifting last weekend. Basically a large chunk of the city turned into an outdoor garage sale. In 4 hours we didn't even manage to see half of it. No big scores but I did get myself an old leather rucksack.
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    Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine. Still not bright enough for me to photograph jeans without camera-shake, but still.... one more wash. Does anyone else find they keep losing coins now they have to keep everything in the back pockets?
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    custom "Johnny " belt
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    A pair of distressed roughout belts. Made from roughout oak bark tanned leather (J&FJ Baker) and finished with a hand burnished stonewashed solid brass fasteners.
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    Great intell IH. The above is by far my favourite, although I can think of a much better reason to whip off a belt in a hurry. And no, not because I sharted my jeans - to which the answer is always never wash
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    WTB: Gen 3. 3A-5TS XPAC OLIVE, in beat condition preferably- and for below retail. Don't mind waiting for this one, and they're sitting on mothersite bnew.
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    Not the best lighting but to compare the color. Knight>Convert>P24A>Field Pants Medium>Sz 48>Small>Sz 33 Edit: @beepy if you wouldn’t mind taking a fit pic w the Thomas and giving a recommendation on sizing it’d be appreciated. A lot of the retailer shots I’ve seen have looked awful but it appears it’s from improper sizing.
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    1- veilance, acr, kiko 2- veilance, carhartt, acr