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    I found the UHR-denim to fade quite fast, don't have experience with the other ones, though.
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    WTS P23TS-S, RAF, Size L, Full Pack, Condition 9.9/10, $900
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    I got a demo of TNF’s new Futurelight fabric today. Utterly insane how thin and light they’ve made it while endowing it with enough performance to use climbing Everest. Really sustainable production too, apparently. Sadly had to decline when they offered to measure me for a jacket
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    You all are killing it. I'm happy to say I'm back in the 20's. I had to deal with a known health situation in November and had an adrenal glad removed. Healed up, lost a bit of bloat and the jeans finally fit again. Still have a ways to go in terms of losing more weight, as I put on 25 pounds in mid 2017, but fuck it. Progress. Hopefully will be more active here moving forward
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    Nice Ai dyed Momotaro, chambo2008! I have a pair of the Ai dyed Blue in Green/Momotaro collab; not as deeply saturated indigo blue as yours but great jeans nonetheless. Momotaro has to be among the great ones! Ah, after finding a link from your posted info, I see these are overdyed with natural indigo, cool pair of jeans!
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    ^these jeans look fantastic on you snchz! Yes indeed this style was only made for Redcast Heritage (very well worth a visit anyone who doesn't know the site). On a different matter, I've just received a beautiful type 200 Wire Buckle belt back for re-stitching. This is natural tan, and originally looked like this: here's how it arrived this morning: the stitching had worn through, but the leather's in great condition and the buckle's patinated beautifully. I didn't want to change either too much, so I just cleaned up the buckle a little: and sewed it back on with waxed knitted thread: here it is now: the colour of the leather's really remarkable, and the rough side has become almost as smooth as the grain: there was a tiny bit of cracking around the fold over the buckle, and around the holes, so I gave it a touch of Boot Grease: going back to its original owner, for many more years of wear!
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    Cut off my feet but didn't care enough to take another ^^ Scotch & Soda pea coat, TFH, LVC, RW
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    Speedy + 18oz PBJ + Iron Heart.
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    And a fit update of my '47 pair in size 38 I got in Japan during my honeymoon. I might give them another hot wash to shtink them down a bit more, especially the inseam.
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    SG6109 1 month of on and off wear No washes yet but soaked multiple times. When I say soaked I'm referring to getting drenched by the rain.
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    sorry, tried again- the page crashed when I posted originally, hope this works! original photo should be fixed in the original post, and here's a bonus on a Tender wattle-tanned leather NATO:
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    Sparringly worn since 2016 i think
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    Here are a couple of fit pics.
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    GS/TP Goliath case cream Recorder dial, on a NOS woven strap, with Whooper Interstates: The case is 35mm diameter, so a lot larger than the 28mm GS/TP Frog cases, but still quite small. The narrow bezel, the deep cylindrical case, and the flat crystal, make it wear bigger, though. Really pleased with this one :-)
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    So here's the jacket I picked up from Yahoo Auctions, I don't know much about it but it's made by Ooe and it's pretty cool I think! Basically a hunting jacket style coat, fully blanket lined (even the front pockets are lined) and has an interesting pocket on the back of the jacket. The denim is pretty lightweight, maybe 10 oz. and the blanket lining is very soft.
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    Not been all that long from my last update but I took the pics so thought I'd post 00
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    Fit update of my size 36 WW2 Santa Cruz Size 37 would be ideal, I think
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    Got a chance to get better fit pics Size 34 Size 30 I'll get measurements up later
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    Some rough fit pics , indoor lighting kind of killed it Jack wanted to get involved .... were both going for the anti fit look
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    Gonn start wearing these wont soak or hem. How shiraki wears em.
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    Ended up buying a pair of SG6109 when visiting SENY recently as my pants that I wanted repaired were beyond repair. Honestly was stuck about what pair of jeans I wanted next to wear as I usually do research before heading to Self Edge but went in blind this time around. Forgot the guy that helped me but he recommended these first and I couldn't be happier. Nailed everything I was looking for without saying much to him. Major props to him. Taken after a soak and day of wear.
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    A quick pic of my pair that doesn't fit anymore
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    Almost due for another wash.