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    Denimio is really overdoing the amount of collabs lately. But this model looks at least very wearable and not horrible like some other collabs before. In fact a good one. The 710 in a denim not done before (Yamato denim, right?) and the Kremlin patch looks nice
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    No real denim photos, although I’m due for another wash. Thanksgiving here in SF. My parents flew out to visit so I took them to a couple of my favorite hiking spots as well as a couple wineries, Peju and Darioush, where the fall colors were fantastic.
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    Stevenson cap and thermal Tender jacket Ooe contest jeans
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    Just sipping on coconuts in tropical Belfast..... Engineered Garments jacket Real McCoys sweat Buzz Rickson chambray Conners Sewing Factory s409xxx Vintage 1960's Converse Coconut
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    Just a quick update— fabric starting to go on my back pockets
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    Orslow ripstop 6 pocket cargo pant.
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    I hear that Tsujita San wants to get back to a more vintage style cut, so a much higher rise with an extra button and wide leg (the 0106 cut is what 0105 will turn into apparently) and that many stores wouldn't carry the brand currently because of the arcs and tabs, as well as Levi's being on their case almost constantly. Tsujita San thinks that the brand has enough of an image and reputation that doesn't need the Levi's heritage tributes anymore. However the arcs got approved patent wise last year so there's always the option to bring it back if needs be. Interesting that Warehouse have recently upped their own hidden arcs and red tab on all their DD range, and the new 800XX now has a red tab. So where Fullcount are going less repro Levi's wise, Warehouse seem to be doing the opposite.
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    Went out to the Texas hill country for a little weekend getaway this past weekend. Weather, views, and wine were all great. Papa Nui/Troy O’Shea cap Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Lot 64 Lady White Ooe Saddle pants Whites
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    Thanks @lance... I got myself a treat for being a good boy (again) . My man @ The Well Dressed Head (he's on IG) can certainly make a hat. Well worth the wait. The materials and construction are really awesome.... here's a close up of the fabric...
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    I don't think they're out yet. I'm thinking about getting a pair of the XX whenever they are released.
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    2nd hand tcb 50s + me being a “cool dad” in my boba wrap. The 20s are cool but the 50s cut is still my favorite.
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    Hey fellas, how's it all going?
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    just an update on my trip from the last few days in london. did a bit more sightseeing up at blenheim in oxford and caught up in shoreditch with a couple of girls that i used to work with in back in perth.
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    that's what made me skip this more recent Samurai model back in the day... here are some old pics of the original Lot.08 S5000KA model: not sure if this can still be considered loom chatter or plain faulty... didn't break them out in years - some more old fit pics...
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    ... the the TCB pics are one pre-wash, and a couple from what I think was the first major machine wash this weekend.
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    Warehouse Lot 800 after a year and a half of wearing
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    Yesterday I spent the day doing a seminar with students on the MA Fashion Futures course at London College of Fashion. I've done this class a couple of times now and both time it's been a really interesting, thoughtful group of people to talk with. The course is loosely based around sustainability in the fashion industry and the philosophy and ethics implicit in the products we wear. I showed them all some Tender garments, and talked a bit about my approach to product design, and how important it is for me that the things become something new by the act of being worn and used by their respective owners. After lunch the students presented their early stage research into tracing the components of a second hand garment or accessory (mainly making the point that you usually can't, as illustrated by this deconstructed Dr Martens sneaker: ) At the end of the day the groups went back to sketch books to think about how what the guest (me!) had talked about could influence a new product based on teh deconstruction. They have several seminar days from people in very different parts of the fashion industry, and this project has only just started, with several weeks to go, so it'll be really interesting to see what they come up with! As before, sorry if this is a tangent from showing new Tender stuff, but I really enjoy teaching and working with students, and it's nice to share what they do here :-)
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    They used extra yarn for woof.
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    a quartet of pics from a quick weekender in savannah, georgia
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    Good morning! Off to do groceries...
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    Thanks Maynard! Yes, chainstitched the hem. I have a union special 43200g in the basement! Don't get much use for it these days as a few of the denim shops in London have them now, but back in the day I was I think the first to have one in the UK. Here's the jacket