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how can you call yourself hung hing with a tokyo mafia banner smh

our triad's name and banner are the result of a very long and very serious true story as it is with everything on tumblr (10)

but we accept all asians, sometimes even white people if they have a connect. (pls note token american in pic.)

(pinoys need not apply)

Hey guys, what's your follower count? Just curious. I recently hit 500, but it's kind of stalled for whatever reason. I transitioned to posting predominantly found/original content and thought it would help, but doesn't really seem to be the case.

my secondary tumblr gets about 5 new followers a post lately. maybe because it is my own content or because it's just stupid, the posts haven't even been anything above generic imo.

my #serious main tumblr i do not post on often but i think it has more followers because it has a very specific aesthetic and has been around for more than 2 years now. there is no specific formula to getting more known but for me having a direction seems to have helped. It makes it a lot less work too.

hunghing i began as a third blog (result of a running joke) but it's now a collaborative blog run by friends from sufu. so far we have gotten more than one follower per post which is great! it will be interesting to see how hunghing triad increases its power and influence over time.

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