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SuperMeetup NYC


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When's this happening again? The fall?

someone just has to tell me to leave the other island (of Staten) to go to the meetup island (of Manhattan).

I'm game otherwise.


Saturday or Sunday are probably best, I dunno my class schedule for next year though, so we will have to seeeeeeeeeeee and play it by ear.

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Is he hot?


I should be around.
my little brothers are pretty obsessed with you.

we need a pic so they can finally respect me. (4)

^cosign on the pic, null. thatd be dope.

shiiitttt.....i'm in. as long as dino brings some spaghetti tees

jus' tell a brotha what sizez to bring. shoot a pm or somethin:cool:

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fuck, i literally have niot been to max fish in 9 years. i'm old.

I went once. My brother lives across the street. I was kicked out within twenty minutes because I was very obviously not a 21-and-above hipster (apparently).

But I did notice that Pabst that should cost maybe $2 costs $5, if not more.


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