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SuperMeetup NYC


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I've been talking to Beatle and we thought it'd be cool if we could arrange a supermeetup in NYC during early September timeframe as she will be in the States. We are thinking weekend of Sept 5-7. It'd be cool if we could make this official and get as many people as possible and all stay in the same hostel. Perhaps we could get BiG to sponsor an activity around the meetup?

So this thread is for developing ideas and fleshing out this meetup. I will update this post as we finalize plans.

Plan is to stay at the white house so please make your reservations now...



1) braidkid

2) beatle

3) jimmyc

4) kunk75

5) jesseJB

6) totally epic

7) mspark

8) jkissi7

9) fookums

10) thegrapist

11) jeepster

12) constant struggle

13) leonard leroy

14) diddy

15) cheep

16) dino might!

17) RFKorp

18) billy.

19) nullsleep

20) thebrokeDJ

21) spaghetti

22) almondcrush

23) wesc

24) thorns

25) naturaljax

26) wild style

27) rome1

28) sungrak

29) baguette

30) dick danger

31) red

32) ...

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that's cool. The hostel idea was just a way to keep everyone at the same location as this usually contributes to a more memorable experience.

I understand. I just tend to wander off by myself sometimes...

wait, what was I saying.

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not to shit on anyone but uhhh. i really love how it says "let's make this official" and

"maybe we can get BiG to sponsor something" instead of "let's make this official" and "let's get SUPERFUTURE.COM to sponsor something".

especially considering BiG is on the other side of the continent.

and that there's a pretty major denim store here in nyc that HAS HAD EVENTS THAT DOUBLED AS SUPERFUTURE MEETUPS.

....carry on guys, really.

whatever you do, don't let anyone who should know about this and who could help make it an actual 'official' event know about this. that would ruin the fun.

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