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Big Feet Having Ass Gentlemen Club


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6"6, size 15. I feel your pain.

I know what you mean.

wasn't there already a bigfoot thread by jeepster i think?


5'10-11" us 13

yeah... it was more of a joke thread, but looking back, I was probably very depressed when I made it cause I found out I couldn't buy certain kicks...

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i got a pair of rockport boat shoes the other day (shoot me, i was desperate for a pair and i was low on cash and they looked okay), i looked at the tag and it said EUR 46.5

and no, twelve isn't that big, most shoe brands top out at twelve and i'm glad, size thirteen and up and you're going to have trouble

as soon as i get a paycheck deposited i'm caking on those band of outsiders x sperry cotton faille joints

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how do you guys wear small hem stuff with bigass feets. i got 13 chuck, smallest i can pack into is like 11.5 vans, and the side profile always looks bozo the clown status with 17cm hem stuff. like i almost want to boot cut some shit to cover up part of my clown stompers.

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can i join in this threak. I have big feets :(

and we all know what that means...

also give up accurate size, I'm size 11... not too bad. I think corned pads his shoes.

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bump for this threak.

i am now in the big feet having ass club - after being a US 10 from 13ish years old until 23 (i am 25 in a month), i am now a US 12.5/13. at end of 2010 my feet grew to an 11.5 (thought it was weird, but apparently it happens - posted a thread about it on here) but then mid 2011 they grew again to a 12.5ish. i then obviously started to worry and am in the process of seeing gp's/physicians/endocrinologists - originally they thought it would be acromegaly but an MRI scan of my brain showed no tumour on my pituatry gland. so, whatever is happening to me fucking sucks and basically all i wear are black vans now as i can't afford to keep buying shoes and then them not fitting in a few months.

if they grow more, i might as well top myself.

TLDR: i am a freak and my feet grew 2.5 sizes in 1 year. 6'1 in height.

i have heat for days that dont fit anymore. FUCK!

yeah, this is a huge bummer as i have always been into footwear. so many pairs of clarks, rw's, cp's and my grail dbss (which were slightly too big when i got them) are now unwearable. :(

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