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Anyone in Orange County willing to help a brother out?


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for real, post on the craigslist for that area and try to recruit some ppl... i don't wanna be pessimistic but i dunno if you'll get as big a mob as you need from just sufu

Never posted on there before... which section would you recommend?


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In a city near mine a guy got his car stolen, then saw the person (missing his middle two fingers and affectionately named The Claw) driving. Took pics, one thing lead to another and a Facebook account. The last step was a video tape of the punk being arrested at his house by the cops with the car boxed in by people playing CSI.



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Also, I did not read the nikeskateboarding thread end to end too carefully. Anybody willing to give the Cliff's notes on the situation? Is sneakernerd part of dunkclusive? The emailer and he both repeatedly use weather not whether (maybe very late to the game with this).

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Anybody willing to give the Cliff's notes on the situation? Is sneakernerd part of dunkclusive?

Part of the letter to OC Police and IC3 and others.

"An online business committed the fraud. They pretended to be a consignment store. I sent my goods to them (have records), they received them (have records) and kept them without the intention of ever paying me for the goods I sent them.

They supposedly had a physical store at

Dunk Clusive

6895 Katella Ave

Cypress, CA 90630

This store at the Target strip mall is a vacant premise that used to be Omni Video - 714 828 6644 until earlier this year.

From personal research I have been able to attain the names, addresses and phone numbers of some of the people involved.

Robert Campbell / Linda Campbell / Christina Fernandez

11075 Lambert Way

Stanton, CA 90680

(714) 379-2770

Jose Tobar / Ana Ortiz

13142 Willamette st

Westminster , CA 92683

Will Carver

930 E 11th st

Long Beach , ca 90804

I have also found that numerous other people have been frauded by the same individual(s) over a period of at least 8 months throughout the States and overseas."

Known IPs - this is a proxy server

Known aliases:






aim - BLIZ562CS

aim - sneakernerdNSB

known emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Threads to check and link the information




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reading through the actual thread on nikesb, I couldn't help but giggle at how 78 is able to keep his cool, but then when Sid dropped this out of nowhere:

Everybody is fucking scared ‘cause Sahlan went all private eye gumshoe on you guys.

I fucking laughed out loud!

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So the punk has re-registered on the forum and is trying to throw the red herring into the mix... giving BS info about new jersey!



Bon Jovi wouldn't happy.

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