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Buying a house sale! Flat Head Flannel, Eternal 811, Pendleton, Mishka Hoodie


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It's time to buy a house and I've got some things that need to go! Without any further ado, here are the listings. Please email me at [email protected] or PM me with any questions.

All prices include shipping with the continental U.S. and are shipped USPS priority with tracking after payment received

Flathead Buffalo Flannel sz. 38 - NFS




-Still new with tags. I tried it on and put it in my closet, before realizing that I probably don't need three FH flannels. At that point, it was too late to return it for cashish.

Pendleton Wool Plaid shirt sz. Small - $20



-This fits a bit more like a medium, a little too big for me.

Mishka Space Dot Hoodie sz. Medium - SOLD



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Eternal 811 o/w sz. 30 - SOLD


-Bought these from another forum member, never wore them. I don't foresee the time to wear them anytime soon either. There is a fade spot at the knee from the previous owner. Edit: Realized I bought these from the previous owner for $115, he noted there was some dried blood on the inside of the pants - this cannot be seen at all from the outside, you can notice it on the inside but unless you wear your pants inside out you'll be fine.

Measurements are as follows:

Inseam - 33''

Leg opening - 7 1/2''

Knee - 8 1/4''

Thigh - 11''

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