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Have some pics from the road trip.

Cisco in Nantucket was one of the coolest breweries I've ever been to. Spent the whole afternoon out there, did their liquor and wine tastings as well. Really chill place.. I dunno why they used plastic cups for the beer though.



Pechish Woods and White Woods. These were two of the best American sours I've had, can't wait for White Woods to get bottled.

Stopped by Cambridge Brewing Co in Cambridge, MA and had a flight of their beers.. the two in the stemmed glasses were pretty interesting, bourbon barrel aged dubbel and a 14% barleywine brewed on honey and grapes served still.


Took an afternoon to go out to Allagash and Maine Beer Co (they're pretty much next door to each other). Allagash had some pretty sick barrel rooms:




Maine Beer Co was pretty entertaining, complete opposite end of the spectrum from Allagash. These two pictures are basically the entire brewery:



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Had the Cantillon Cuvee des Champions at Novare Res in Portland that I posted a pic of, drank this as well:


09 Oerbier Reserva

Drank my fair share of these while I was in Portland as well:


Stopped by Moat Mountain in North Conway, NH for some bbq and a flight. Awesome ribs up there, decent beer too.


First stop in Vermont was to pick up some reserved bottles of Lawson's Finest. There was a Father's Day event going on across the street from the Warren Store that had Lawson's and Hill Farmstead on tap.


HF Phenomenology and Lawson's Weiss-K

On the way to Montreal we took a spur of the moment detour to Chambly to see if we could get a tour of Unibroue. Apparently they stopped tours 4 years ago but the sommelier of the company was there for a few minutes when I pulled up and brought us in to talk about beer. He told me he had "a few minutes to spare" and ended up telling us the history of the company over the course of an hour. He hooked us up with free beer though and sent gave me 2 free bottles to take as well. I gave him a bottle of Lawson's in return for everything :)


Trois Pistoles and Ephemere Cassis

Had this with dinner the first night in Montreal


Afterward, WIll17 took us up to Dieu du Ciel.. first time having Peche Mortel. Definitely an awesome beer, wish I had bought some bottles before leaving Canada.


Lastly, Clopek and funkdoobi took us over to Bar Volo in Toronto where I got to try a variety of Canadian microbrews.



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Crazy stuff, shuf. So jealous.

Hitting up Russian River with FranklinCosgrove tomorrow on our way to Seattle. First time there, excited!

Warmed up for it today with a bottle of Supplication in Dolores Park in SF...straight from a brown bag... DGAF


Brown bagging a Supplication, nice :D

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Crazy stuff, shuf. So jealous.

Hitting up Russian River with FranklinCosgrove tomorrow on our way to Seattle. First time there, excited!

Warmed up for it today with a bottle of Supplication in Dolores Park in SF...straight from a brown bag... DGAF


When you get to Seattle hit up Bottleworks

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solid new england trip shu! wish i could have met up with you, busy with this move to CT :(

speaking of which picked up some captain lawrence DIPA and all the NEBCo I could find while in Manchester CT today, will post a pic later

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@youkinorn - nice pic :)

Did this tonight:


Belgian IPAs from two awesome breweries. Both beers were delicious, completely different and good in their own ways. My preference falls to the Lawson's for his choice of hops-- the beer tasted like straight passionfruit. Reminded me of the tropical fruit taste that Alpine Nelson has.

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Just moved down to the Bay Area, and finally got internet at my place. It's good to be back!

Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars Grand Reserve my buddy brought back from Michigan, best JP beer I've had hands down. Good to know they can make something truly special.


Dat Gooze


FiftyFifty Evan Williams Bourbon Barrel Aged Eclipse Imperial Stout and Hanssen's Bourbon Barrel Aged Jonge Lambic at City Beer in SF


Epic taplist at my new gig, Beer Revolution


High Water Brewing (Steve Altimari's new brewery after being fucked by the owners at Valley Brewing in Stockton) Hop Riot IPA.


My 1st day at Beer Rev, the owner/blender from Oud Beersel Lambik Brouwerij came in and shared this boxed Jonge (young) Lambic with us. This ain't yo mamma's Franzia! Lemony and stanky, delicious.


As overpriced as it was delicious


Drinking drakes denoggizer. It's considered an DIPA but it taste like an american strong ale similar to arrogant bastard at best.

That's probably not a very fresh keg/bottle. I won't say it's one of the best DIPAs, but I work at a beer bar a few miles from Drake's and I can smell the hoppy goodness just from pouring that beer. It is on the darker side, so I definitely see it going the way of Double Bastard withe a few months on it.

I know this has to have been discussed, prob a bunch, but just had my first Pliny the Elder (sp?) and it was amazing, probably the best beer I've had so far.

Drinking a 3 day old bottle right now. I forget how awesome this stuff is sometimes.

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^Met Steve Altimari last month when he was visiting Ithaca Beer. He was a very cool guy, talked to him for like an hour. He helped make Super Friends last year so Chief gave him a 6 pack of it (some of the few bottles made).. was lucky enough to drink one of them :) Somehow still tasted really fresh even after the hops had faded over a year. The brett had taken on a weird strawberry characteristic as well.

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