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Warehouse Denim Contest [pics and discussion]


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They look more like Jack Purcells, except without the smile. Where can you get monochrome white Chucks?

Yeah that's what I was thinking. The closest Chucks I have seen to these are the same but with a few and blue stripe around edge.

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Ok, so this thread is useless without more pics.

First two pics taken with crappy indoor lighting because I was impatient, so excuse the color on those. I shall take updated pics after a wash next week.

Backpock thread started popping:


Didn't want it to snag anymore so I did a shitty repair job:


Finally, took a random shot:


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I got mine back from HTC/Denim Doctors yesterday where I had them fix the front pocket stitching, crotch blowout and had them hemmed. I'm not sure if they took them in at the crotch because they don't fit in the thighs anymore. I have been riding 24 miles round trip about 3 days a week to work for the past few weeks so that may be why. I could possibly stretch them out but don't feel like going through the hassle of it.

Oh well, I haven't worn them since Christmas so its no big deal.

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