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Warehouse Denim Contest [pics and discussion]


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Thanks for all the kind comments. I'm really pleased with how these are coming along, especially the color depth and various shades of blue.

To beatle, here's a fit pic from about a month ago, but pretty much how the fit now: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showpost.php?p=1000051&postcount=2837

As for the symmetry and wisker definition, it's pretty amazing how they have come. My pair of LVC 47s have a similar pattern, but not nearly as defined or symmetrical. Probably has to do with the rise and denim since the fits are very similar. The 660s are a hair slimmer. As chicken notes, the 660s are relaxed and I don't sag these. Sagging wouldn't be such a good look and shorter guy like me, and it'd make the thighs jet out in an unreasonable way.

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Guest Arcarsenal

I hit the 6 month mark on the 9th and to celebrate the occasion I gave the jeans a cold soak and light handwashing with some detergent. They stayed pretty dark, but I love the contrast all over - I think it's beautiful. The sun really makes the colors jump out and these photos don't really do them justice, espcially the shots of the honeycombs. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.






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Hot dang! These fucking Warehouses are incredible! Almost all of them are the same, just so nice! And only 6 months! I keep re-visiting the shop to see if something catches my eye but I'm just not feeling anything they have. I wish I got onto this comp...

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While that certainly looks fun it looks like it won't hold for long, seems like the stitches are too close to the ripped edge. Did you stitch an extra piece of cloth under it?

I didn't...actually this is my first time repairing jeans and to be honest I just grabbed whatever I could find in my cheesy little travel repair kit just to stop it from getting worse. I wanted to try not to make them any tighter so I got as close to the wound as I could. It's held for about a week and I figured I would try something a little more substantial when it fails again. So, you think another piece of denim behind it and maybe better/thicker thread?

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No neccesarily another piece of denim, just some cotton similar to the pocketbags is probably better even, as it's thinner so easier to stitch through and also not another layer of denim to abrade against the other denim.

And make your stitches longer, so they end farther away from the frayed edge, you could compare it with standing on the edge of a cliff, the closer to the loose edge you stand, the more likely it will be that the ground will crumble under your feet and you will fall...

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Duck, is there a type of stitch that will not pull all the material tight as I progress? Or would you suggest just not pulling tight on the thread and using the same style I used? My concern with using the longer stitches as you stated is not wanting to bunch material as I pull the threads tight - making the overall width of my jeans tighter and increasing my issue.

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I can't think of any stitch to prevent that from happening.

I think the best thing to do and what I also think a tailor would do, is to stitch (or use one of those iron on glue patches) another piece of fabric under the rip, maybe an icnh to the left and up to the buttons on the right and stitch that all the way around, this will then hold the fabric together and is where the strain from the tension would be, the other stitches like you've done now would basicly only hold the fabric together and in place.

(hope that makes sense am in a bit of a rush...)

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beautiful indeed, beatle...so many amazing jeans these last few pages, I'm loving this contest! Like chicken said a few months ago, you really start to appreciate the quality of the denim after a few months wear, whereas in the beginning one might not think much of it...

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okay, so some repair updates.











inside the pocket

my crotch was coming apart and the rear pockets were starting to thin out. so i had the denim doctors at HTC resew and reinforce the crotch and the pockets. better to take care of things early than late. and like before, they've done another great job for me. thanks marvin! :cool:

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