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Warehouse Denim Contest [pics and discussion]


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I don't think that they were poorly made, but I do think that the cotton threads though more authentic, were probably not the best idea in terms of durability. I think these jeans are also getting torn up in the crotch because a lot of people sized down. I know I sized down like 3-4 from my true size and I'm sure there are people who sized down even more.

Anyway, I went to Coney Island yesterday for the Hot Dog Eating Contest (which was Awesome) and while there took the jeans for a rinse in seawater. A friend took the pics so I'll post them when she sends them to me

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I sized down 2 and haven't had any construction problems. I didn't wash for like 6 months though, so my crotch might need a little reinforcement, but these are honestly pretty durable for the weight of them.

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8 month Anniversary Post:


I have been recording every wash/rinse, which turned out to be not that many. There was one soak at three months, a wash at around 6 and another soak just the other day at 8 months

Front Back:




Crotch Wear and Repair:



Bonus Topless Pic of me at the beach rinsing them:


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Hey everyone, 8 months today...just machine washed them for the first time last night after a hike up Mt. Pugh (will post pics of post-wash later). So that makes it two soaks (initial and month 5) and a wash. Nothing special in terms of crazy wear except for a tore up right pocket. I've reinforced the crotch with three patches now.

The past few pages have been awesome (and intimidating) to look at and definitely keeps me coming back to check out everyone's progress...

Here's a shot of my pocket at 7 months with the octopus of doom finally peeking out:


Pocket at 8 months (I'm about to fix it):


8 months:



Fit pics on the mountain...not the greatest in terms of color but I guess that's what happens when it's snowing and you're in the clouds (didn't summit due to that):


This is my "Snow in July?" face:


Crotch repair:


And for something that has nothing to do with denim but figured I'd throw it in, here's a picture I took of a woman painted in chocolate that I saw at the Fremont Solstice Parade:


I'd like to think of her as hot chocolate.

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Nice jeans, I'm eventually planning on taking a smaller hike in mine too once I get them back from BiG. And damn that girl is pretty hot, is that really chocolate? It has a weird texture unless you really do mean w/ hot chocolate powder stuff.

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nice fade pickler, but i dont know about the boy george pose. are those clarks originals? can anybody give me an example of a jean using non-cotton thread that was worn tightly, and the crotch remained unscathed? please? dont blame the thread, blame your fit. its like trading honeycombs for sperm-count.

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Dude, it's not even the crotch that has thread coming loose. The thread on my back pocket, back yoke, front pockets were all fraying and coming apart, I had to sew them all back

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Here's a few pics around the 6 month mark. My camera sucks awful, so this isn't a good representation of the color, but you get an idea of the fades with this.

Again, everyday biking, multiple camping/hiking trips, fairly strenuous wear, but no construction problems to speak of. The crotch is wearing down a little, but it's not worse than any other comparable jean.





I'm loving the wabi sabi of the fade, and I really like how pronounced the train tracks are. I don't have delusions that I'll win this, but I am fucking loving these jeans.

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