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shit you hate


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my first e-beef on this board was with red foxworthy

i can't remember what it was about

i apologized via PM for being grouchy

and he thought i was a woman (i had one of those stock superfuture Heavy Metal/Frazetta type avatars showing a scantily clad female barbarian)

so yeah, akward

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why do you care?


It has nothing to do with what jonny said imo. a friend of mine wouldn't try dumplings just because he didn't think he would like it.


It's one thing to dislike something, but another to refuse to try it. I don't think anybody is a "pussy" for not eating balut, that shit is intimidating as fuck, but at the same time, what if you end up actually liking it? I feel like i might be missing out on something great if I don't try it, because there has to be some reason why people consider it a delicacy and eat it regularly.


Also, in a lot of different cultures its seen as offending if you don't try their food.


not saying its okay to force food ideals on other people...just giving another angle

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yeah what's the point of even goin?


Team building lol, ends up being a bunch of dudes ordering their own har gows/edamame and waitress/giving me the "look."  I asked around about it people say its a hygeine issue, yet these fuckers play beer pong.

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maybe it's a cultural thing? asian collectivist mindset vs western individuality


also ppl play beer pong after college? the other night this lamer repeatedly stated his desire to play, and we just finished college. I resolved to stay as far away from those types as possible, got more than my fair share of them to last me several life times



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