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shit you hate


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when I go grocery shopping and I get a cart that has one bad wheel that makes it move crooked. or one that vibrates everytime I move it and everyone in the store can hear the damn thing

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can not find any drops anywhere, just sheets of tabs

things turned out OK. ended u finding some great mushrooms, though i did have drive to the heart of hollywood from my apartment in santa monica to get them. just wanted something to have a nice trip on at FYF Fest this past Saturday and a nice trip i had.

a few ladies "alternative/hipster fashion trends" (with a little help from my 'third eye', as squinted as it may have been) that are fast becoming examples of "shit i hate":

1) general unkemptness/laizes-faire sense of hygiene - having a completely hands-off approach to the hair on your head is one thing, doing the same with your underarm is and always will be a BIG FUCKING NO NO. i understand this whole retro-fetish/back-to-the-basics approach but there's such thing as going "bohemian" while still being a civilized human being, hoes.

2) boy hair cuts - unless you're going full on lesbian or to boot camp and the motivations are more permanent, the sinead o'connor ain't a good look. plus no one wants to fuck somebody who looks like a cancer patient, alotta potential negative stigma coming from that sexual encounter.

3) mom jeans/mom jean shorts - let's leave the high-waisted, completely unflattering leg wear to the real moms out there. the ones posted up on couches across middle america, (un-ironically) wearing sweaters with kittens on them and fingering themselves to sarah palin's latest abomination broadcasted on television. you're young, you've still got a few years before everything worth being proud of on your bodies sags to shit. dress accordingly

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so, you mad that he/she wants to know who's calling?

I shoulda added more detail, it's when the "conversation" continues past me telling them I misdialed. I'm on the phone a ton at work and I got dem fat fingers, so I probably run into this more often then other people. When it gets into "what number were you trying to call" is where I start to get really annoyed...

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