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shit you hate


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i hate breaking my skateboard

i hate getting my wallet stolen, cancelling the cards, then getting the wallet returned with half the money still in it.

half the money... thanks for leaving me some, but seriously...why only half?

i hate sydney trains - overpriced, always late

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Sup guys, this is my first post.

I hate the superhigh rise on my Ralfs.

I hate haircuts.

I hate hot teenage chicks pushin strollers around.

I hate it when I know im right, but someone tries to tell me otherwise.

I hate shittests when im talking to someone. You know what I mean. The whole "Yeah, I like 90s metal too... what was the guys name in Anthrax again?" Even tho no one gives a shit.

I hate the fact that I just spent £3 on a Sigue Sigue Sputnik CD. Why...

I hate slutty chicks who are slutty to be slutty.

I hate naiive chicks.

I hate prude ass nerdy chicks.

I hate the phrase "keep it real" because im the only person that I know that does keep it real, but cant tell others because Ill look like a poser bitch boy like them.

I hate withheld numbers on my mobile. It just pisses me off.

I hate people who tell me what theyre all about as if I give a shit. You know the type. "Duuuude, im so into weed, its like, dude, my weed is the shit, and I smoke all the time, cause I keep it real." or "Your music is shit because Ive heard of them. Its all about *insert bullshit name for some band the guy is related to* because they havent sold out to Corporate society"

I hate kids that cant handle stress for shit and do retarded shit because of it.

I hate my body hair, but I hate the fags that shave their legs and arms, so I stay hairy.

I hate SCUDs, Van Goghs, or whatever else you call chicks that look hella good till youre about 5 feet away.

I hate only getting checked out by women over 30, and completely neglected by hot chicks in my age group.

I hate being a broke ass student.

I hate puking. Especially out the nose.

I hate hangovers too.

And seeing other mens dicks. Put it away guys, I dont care how tight we are.

Thats about it.

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Bouncers who think they know shit!

When your battery dies and u need the device

People who chat absolute shit on the bus

People who ask you for change in the town centre when theyre wearing nike shox

People who ask you for a minute of your time when its about 20minutes

People who try to catagorise

People who hate on other cause of theyre dress sence or hobbies

People who cant understand why some people spend such money on clothing but go out every weekend and spend over a £100 on drink

My boss tellin me 2 pull my jeans up

Not bien able to afford everything i want

Finally having to pay for my university course!!

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I hate faux irish folk who think drinking is what makes someone irish.

i hate george bush and the rest of his cronies

I hate loving high end denim

i hate cafta

I hate being a hypocrite

I hate people who hate shit because it ain't "underground enough" get over yourselves.

I hate battle raps on BET. All that shit is written anyways.

I hate people who think being american defines them as a person.

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I hate that fucken word `funky`. Australian women gotta get a new word to describe shit, its gettin embarrasing. doesnt matter what the fuck it is, its now `funky` if they like it. `Thats a funky house` `Thats a funky piece of toast` `thats a funky...SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKEN BITCH.


I hate anyone who thinks that anyone is better or worse than anybody else based on race, religion or sexuality.

I hate Nudie Jeans

I hate bootcut jeans

I hate red camo

I hate stripey shirts

I hate shell necklaces

I hate thongs or sandals

I hate watches by surf brands

I hate multi camo

I hate the uninformed whiney liberal left (Petrol prices are actually cheaper now than at most times in history, compared to how much we earn, dumbasses)

I hate shark hoods

I hate the word `hoody`

I hate shorts that are too long

I hate `7/8ths` pants

I hate Japanese drug stores that wont sell me a fucking aspirin unless I look like I need it.

I hate Al Qaeda

I hate Osama Bin Laden

I hate anyone that thinks Osama Bin Laden has a point

I hate Adidas!

I hate that fucking ugly ass XBox

I hate the last 2 years of Ape.

I hate most of Europe

I hate people who hate America because they hate George W Bush

I hate people who hate George W Bush

I probably would hate you if I saw you

MILitary SPECificationS OO

Be Advised: Morgan Nixon AKA Moman631 AKA Moman6040 is a fraud.

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I generally like to focus on the positive but can't deny I cringe at--

Bandana F*cking do-rags


Fat chicks in short shirts

Blingin' out cheap cars

Close talkers




Religious right

rich people who spend poorly

war in Iraq

Health care in US

airlines charging for my surfboard

celebrity gossip crap

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i deeply dislike:

HOLLISTER/ABERCROMBIE and when they swear like it's their brand--sorry hollister doesn't make you look cool.

i hella agree with JUPAFETT on the fake LV shit. get outa my face hella front like it's real when your fit was bought at walmart.

filipinos. i am filipino myself. but i hella don't like filipinos.

when i get no reception on my shitty tmobile service.


blah blah blah

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