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shit you hate


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Chalk me up as SFs only NEO.CON. your all a bunch of fags.

--- Original message by MilSpex on Nov 23, 2005 06:48 AM

spoken like a true neo-con... calling us fags cause (A) he is homophobic because of his fear of people finding out about his love of cock, or (B) he needs to make himself feel better because he's self concious about his dick size, or © just a mindless tool.
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i guess it's only fitting that a thread entitled "I HATE..." should contain so much bullshit animosity.

no matter how stupid, ignorant, backwards or antiquated we think each others' opinions are, there is no need to go on and on in a thread about it.

"fuck you, you're a fag."

"NO, fuck YOU!!! YOU'RE the fag, you...you big fag!!!"

I speak from first hand experience when I say that getting into it on SF with people who differ greatly on basically any issue is a complete waste of time.


~multiflavored RodLavers~



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i guess it's only fitting that a thread entitled "I HATE..." should contain so much bullshit animosity.

no matter how stupid, ignorant, backwards or antiquated we think each others' opinions are, there is no need to go on and on in a thread about it.

"fuck you, you're a fag."

"NO, fuck YOU!!! YOU'RE the fag, you...you big fag!!!"

I speak from first hand experience when I say that getting into it on SF with people who differ greatly on basically any issue is a complete waste of time.


--- Original message by ABELnyc on Nov 23, 2005 04:24 PM

i understand what u mean, but i guess thats why we spend so much time on this forum arguing, we are either "semibored" or "superbored"

thanks for answer my Q anyway.

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Lars Ulrich.

Don't know why but his poison pixie little face suddenly came gurning into my mind when I was sat on the bus this afternoon. Lars Ulrich! Man!! What a tool.

--- Original message by sybaritical on Dec 22, 2005 04:08 PM

you are absofuckinlutely right about that! i've always fucking hated him. and after that documentary with them? he's even worse than you could have imagined him being.

FUCK Lars Ulrich. word.

~multiflavored RodLavers~



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the "little things that annoy you" thread wasn't enough for me, i didn't really even scratch the surface with my reply. besides, most of the stuff people were talking about was stuff that wasn't JUST annoying.




people who don't understand right-of-way on the freeway or at stop signs.

fake shit.


99 percent of the product on digital gravel, and the fact that it sells out in seconds.

fat people.


guys who will wear a nike t-shirt with some sketchers on.

people with less than a 100 posts posting in WDYWT.

cleaning white shoe midsoles.

people who make any kind of sound during sleeping.

wireless bluetooth headsets.

johnny cupcakes.


guys who are unable to move on from dior homme's 2003-2004 period.

the permanent dark circles under my eyes.

people who are really into jesus.

downloading leaked albums months ahead of time, so when the album actually drops and you're hearing it everywhere, you're already sick to death of it.

having to warm your car up in the winter.

vanity license plates.


bandwagon fans.

people with a million myspace friends.

women who refuse to give head.

people who take their scene way too seriously.

people who sing along at shows.

erik brunetti.

all of the female streetwear brands.

people who post 2-month-old jeans in the Evolution of Jeans thread.

going more than a day without the internet.


car stereo going on the fritz.

cold-sweating underneath your blanket.

customs fees.

militant fixed-gear bike riders.

when women on superfuture won't post their nudes no matter how much i ask them/PM them/leave messages on their machine/hide outside their houses.

women with hair lip.

alife cartoon shit.

trying to pop a zit that turns out not to be a zit.

groupies who work the merch table.


paying for porn.

cheap monday jeans.

people who say just straight-up corny shit.

any kind of body spray in a can.

graphic designers that have really no fucking clue what's going on in popular culture / fashion / design.


girls who don't wear any eyeliner.

people who bring up politics or religion at parties.

people who call fitted hats "lids."


united states mens suit sizes.

the fact that the what are you listening to today thread is named "Soundtrack to your Day"

package anxiety (UPS, USPS, etc)

alpha males.

eye bogers.

trade shows.

couches and chairs that swallow cellphones/keys/wallets.

not being able to find free parking.


dead skin on video game controllers.

people who don't lock their door when they get out of my car (no power locks).

frat boys / sorority girls

people who are famous for being famous.

women who expect you to read their mind.

security guards.

having to do design work for cheap because it's your friend.

north face fleece jackets

paying for parking.


youtube getting rid of copyrighted material.

days when it's really fucking cold and sunny as hell at the same time.

lag on xbox live.


dipset rollerblading team.

when t-shirt screenprints get fuzzy from washing.

anti-nike-sb and bape parody shirts.

when your ears won't pop.

people in movie theatres who crinkle wrappers, talk to their friends, cough, sneeze, breath, exist, etc.

girls with muffin tops.

sleeping through my alarm clock.

when i can't find the droids i'm looking for.

not having my fingernail clippers on me when i get a wicked hangnail.

not having my chapstick on me when i get some wicked chapped lips.

cover charges.

noisy windshield wipers.


indigo bleeding onto shoes.

when the torrent file you're downloading only has like 2 seeders and it's going at half-a-kilobyte a minute.

waiting forever for a drink.

endless attempts at being "true new yorkers" by people living in new york.

chicks who exist soley on scene drama.

any type of slogan on a t-shirt.


all those fucking dating ads on myspace.

gay guys who think they're so fabulous that they can "turn" straight guys.

when you ask for a double and they just give you a bigger cup.

people who make new threads instead of posting in recent purchases / evolution of jeans.


people who ask me to do a kickflip.

ex-jocks turned hardcore kids.

forum-spawned clothing labels.

people who have visible earwax.

feeling my face get oily.

having to press my car alarm button more than once.

wu-tang streetwear bites.

having to explain my tattoo.

the hundreds (the designs, not the people)

vanity license plates.

color proofing.

photographers who think they're doing the most important shit in the world.

women with no sense of style.


trying to sleep with no fan on.

photoshop / illustrator fucking up or crashing.

aggressive panhandlers.

people who can't appreciate sarcasm.

nicole richie-sized women's sunglasses.

striped-shirt + jeans + square-toes combo at the club.

skating in shorts.

layer of dust on the television screen.

people who make postcount celebration threads.

paying for twice the bandwidth then you're actually getting.

trying to stash your beer in a safe place at a party.

chicks in the mosh pit.


swarovski crystals.

mice without scroll wheels.

Dr. Pepper knock-offs.

the really what-the-fuck-is-this-shit sb dunks like the bear fur ones.

loud breathers.

people who wear the t-shirt of the band that's playing at the show to the show.

running out of paper towels.


people who play world of warcraft.

getting up in the morning.

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hip hop lyrics like this:

"I'm the place to be, got pills for all occasions B"

but I guess it's okay if it's freestyle.

I also hate typewriter rappers.

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Drunk Sluts (it's love/hate)

Magic Cards

having girls not believe you when you say jeans look bad on them (work in retail)

people who think that telling everyone else how much darfur sucks is actually helping anyone living there

popped collars


fat girls + skinny jeans

big t shirts with loonie tunes characters

big t shirts with dead rappers

big t shirts with nothing

anyone who argues that professional wrestling is real

people who think that southern culture revolves around racism and incest

people whose lives keep this stereotype alive

that dude shark (maybe not hate, but dislike definitely)

stale pastries

old people

stupid people

loud people

shitty cars with cheap exhausts and hot wheels stickers

people who think they're rastafarian because they like bud

people who smoke midgrade

george walker bush

anyone who votes their party line without thinking

the fact that stupid people are allowed to vote at all

when people don't admit Mr. Pibb's superiority over Dr. Pepper

tribal tattoos unless you're in a tribe

anyone who carried a mexican flag at those immigration demonstrations last year


clingy girls

the taste of jack daniels

the fucking po-lice

hmm... this is definitely missing stuff. i'll add on later

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Roommates, about right now, and about every night of the week.

People saying "oh, you'd probably like this, you're trendy. (hands me a fucking diesel tshirt)"

People who are just awkward to be around. Like, you go to dinner with a friend and they bitch to the waitress about something small, and you just sit there awkwardly because you don't know what to do.

My roommates (who are getting kicked out soon, or I'm moving out) bringing people over on schoolnights and playing bass heavy music till 4 am when I have to get up before 8.

Watching a movie and having someone come sit down and ask you what's going on in the movie.

I really hate the people who ask about the movies. Especially if I'm watching a very mood heavy movie and they just come in and fucking ruin it. I want to kill them.

Lately, Nudies. Some people (rirawin) can rock them really well, but seeing them around campus on people who are wearing like, running shoes and an A+F shirt just kills me.


People who assume that I need to drink at every available opporotunity. "you don't have a test wed but you're still not drinking tues night? Fuck that we're splitting a fifth"

People poorly ripping other peoples style. I might be at fault too, but I mean like, you see someone like Mike wearing a vest that works, and later you'll see someone else wearing one when/how it shouldn't be worn.

Laundry. FUCK IM LAZY.


Not having money to buy clothes.

People wearing football jerseys for my school around campus when their only connection to the team is getting drunk at their frat and then going to the game.

School spirit.


How you'll have like, 0 girl prospects for a few months, then like 15 at once and you're so overwhelmed you can't do shit about it.

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Shits that I hate:

1. Shits that are stuck on the wall and hard to get rid of

2. Shits that are too big and would'nt flushed down, even worse when ur at someone else's house

3. Shits big enough to make the water splashes on ur butt cheek!

4. Shits when you have diarrhoea, so it sort of splashes around everywhere =/


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people who like to give advice on things on which they have no personal experience in

ankle stacking jeans with inseams in excess of 2 inches than your actual

bootcut jeans

flared jeans

soju (for wussies)

cellphones with crap-ass quality frills (mp3,camera, video)

meter maids

any nylon jacket selling for over $100

those retarded adult swim intermissions

dunk heads who cant skateboard if their life depended on it

how the OP hates on longboarding (probably because his only exposure to it is with those flip-flop wearing greeks)

people wearing flip flops while attempting to longboard

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