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  1. Burton Mark XIII

    I won't be carrying the boards or hardgoods because I figured they'd be delayed in shipping and to be honest the risk factor of selling is a little higher than the clothing. I would be willing to special order though. All the MarkVIII product is meant to be worn and abused on the hill. Technically it is right up there with all the other outerwear product I carry but def pushes the style factor a lot more and crosses over to town wear much better.
  2. Burton Mark XIII

    No Paul Smith this year and no Audex MarkXIII Apparently next year some sick new colab w/motorola. according to the sales manager I spoke with.
  3. Burton Mark XIII

    I've got the MarkVIII in stock and it is sick! Much better fabrics than last year IMO. I've also been shipped some IDIOM but still waiting for quite a bit. It looks great as well. It's snowing now and calling for 11 inches tomorrow! If ya want it primooutdoor@aol.com
  4. Western shirts (Cowboy style)

    Check out Rockmount out of denver,CO They are the originators, The owner invented the snap buttons on western shirts, He's around 90yrs old and still goes into the shop daily. I guess Clapton,Dylan and a slew of musicians get theirs from him.
  5. buying a road bike

    I live in a ski resort town and most all the bike rental shops are selling their demo bikes right now. I also ran a bike shop for 17 yrs and we would sell ours yearly. try and call some shops in the ski towns,the summer season is short and most of the road bikes sit in the rack and are'nt ridden half as much as mtn bikes. Fit is by far the most important. Aluminum is fine if you have a carbon fork. It dampens the ride a lot. I agree with staying at least 105 shimano or veloce Campy. do not go with a bike that is too old! cassettes and rings wear out and being a noob it is harder for you to tell if it needs replacement and can get quite expensive if that's the case. Shifting is affected by stretched chains,worn gears etc. hope this helps and happy riding.
  6. Gortex jackets for winter

    Arc'teryx Alpha SL Paclite Gore-tex $260.00 Mtn Hardwear Swift Paclite Gore-tex $260.00 Both come in great colors and will serve you right for city life,backpacking etc. but I would consider a XCR Gore jacket if you are going to use it on the resorts in winter. If that is the case you have a hell of a lot to choose from.
  7. Sales Reps?

    Dag, You can approach the rep situation a couple ways. Do you have accounts other than L&T? If so ask your accounts if they know of a good rep. As a buyer I try and help out the reps I like with finding new lines. Getting a recommendation from a retailer usually is a good sign that the rep can do his job. Call/contact the tradeshows for a company/member list or book. If you see lines that you think would compliment your company then give them a call to find out who the regional rep is in your area and see what that person has to say. Showrooms. you can go to the markets in various cities and rent or have an existing rep firm show your product for you for a fee. It's not that hard to find someone to schlep your goods once you get some contacts If you find that complimentry company and get their rep on board usually that person can contact all the others who sell the line in other territories and get them on board. Good luck
  8. iDiom @ the-glade....

    I have IDIOM coming for fall and not any burton dealer can carry it. The prints are DOT and PIN STRIPE available in black,grey or white. In person the stuff is super clean and excellent quality.
  9. How old are you fashion folks?

    38 Jay has me beat!
  10. Burton Idiom Gear

  11. Burton Idiom Gear

    I have ordered Idiom for november delivery. If you want it let me know. I also have some Mark XIII left and 40% off. Including one Paul Smith suit size Large. PM me if you want to know what else is left.
  12. Barbados

    I was married there 6 yrs ago and it is unreal. Check the east side for waves/surf but not very inhabited Bridgetown has great resteraunts and the nightlife is in the area. make sure to get out of the resort and see the island and meet some local people. have fun.
  13. Cool Camera Bag??

    Dakine Ridge pack and camera block. backpanel and front access.
  14. Snow Gear - Ski, Snowboard, Alpine

    Yes AK is Burtons High end performance line. MarkXIII is even higher end. more fashion with the function. By the way it snowed everyday since thanksgiving and I've been riding knee deep all season. Breckenridge is Killing it! 200% above average snowfall! best on record. Just had to throw that out. PEACE & POWDER
  15. Question: Is thinsulate really that warm?

    Polyfill is like a synthetic down not as warm as Primaloft but the same principle. very lofty to trap air for insulation. to answer your ? it is warm. Thinsulate is also very warm but does not have the loft of other materials its benefit is that it's less bulky and also wicks very well. Hence it's use mostly in gloves and shoes.