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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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hey so what's the deal with the "butler" pants?

are they actual "other people's pants" that are already stinky and nasty?

if i bring in my beat up APCs to the store, what will be my discount?

they are thinned the fuck out... already did an invisible repair on these jeans, and i don't think it would make sense to keep repairing already thin jeans as they are

yeah, supposedly they take em, wash em, and then iron them if they like them... I dont think they will take any pair but just good ones. Then you get half off of another pair and they sell your old jawnz for $400....


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not mine, but i have to share... my father in laws vintage coveralls... he got them new back in the early 70s, but from his uncle when he bought his farm in upstate new york.... pretty sure they are older than the 70s... but hes been wearing them ever since.



tag... colosuss (sp?) overalls


laurel wreath buttons


selvage on front placket


selvage on the little side opening behind the front pockets




back waist adjustment


lined back pockets


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XPOST from Warehouse Thread

I've been gone for a while (officially a high school graduate as of Friday past, busy running around), but we're at 13 months now! still only 2 washes...model is WHD #700 cinch back







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wow, WH's are looking sick, definitely my favorite pair of worn in jeans that i've seen past weeks. and the girl holding those jeans looks like a real gem as well

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