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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

Guest bed

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No, I'm saving the pair you found for me... when I hit hard times, or life is dull, I shall bring them out!

These are just the regular pair from 2007 or so, worn actual size. I really prefer the 55 denim to the 47; they're very different, the 47 is much grainier, they end up looking just as good, but in the earlier stages the 55 look far better, they seem to wear in much more smoothly.

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I thought I posted these before, but I didn't see any record of that in my post history. they're H&M Sliqs... worn for at least a year with more than three washes. These were my first pair of raw denim and I didn't think much about sizing. Consequentially, they are at least two sizes too big and therefore only see sporadic wear.



Also, here's a couple pics of the wear on my Levi's type 1 jacket.




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@ 20 months. I said I would wear just my samurais but these are in their prime right now! I'm throwing them in the tub right now with some kaminari soap. The thighs are getting small for me as I've gained 10 pounds but I will try to wear them until they are too slim for my liking.

thanks guys! +rep for toystory blankets if anything

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PBJ XX-007 - worn pretty much every monday-friday for a little over a year now. Bought them one-wash and they've been through one hand wash and two machine washes. They've held up really well. The only wear spot is a small hole on the left back pocket from cell phone. Going to wash these shortly and give them a break so I can work on some 5EPs I've been sitting on.





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it's funny how as soon as we get dope fades, we grow weary and move on to a new pair of raws. very,very nice pbjs

this pic is for kixlf, i would resize, but then you cant see the little hairs. just after wash #13. i used Chandrika Ayurvedic soap. it's lye soap, and it's really good for body and jeans. it doesn't lather well, but that means nothing. it's cheap, and natural. Bee & Flower is good&cheep too. this denim fades without any vertical falling, but in a very 'grainy' way. i'm sure you are all sick of seeing these jeans, so i'll wait a while to post more. this new camera shit is addictive...color is spot on. this is what the jeans actually look like as of 20 minutes ago.




these were straight out-of-the-drier(still warm), so after 20 seconds of steam ironing for each leg the funny creases you see now are all gone, and ready to rock. enjoy...

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crosspost from 'what are your jeans doing today' thread.

My FH 310's in the middle. 1 year 4 months. 3 soaks 2 washes. should have been studying instead at 2am than this -_- .

That's such an awesome pair of pictures. + rep on that too.

What are the Skulls with the red patch? And where did you kop those?

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I want to know how you pulled that off with a cigarette, it looks like you'd need something at least robusto sized to achieve that kind of damage.

pretty simple really:

i accidently dropped the cigarette in the stacks of my jeans and didnt realize it was burning for several seconds. also, i was drunk.

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