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half chicken, fries, duck nuggets. gf got pork chop and some salad thing. and devised eggs. fries were good. beer too. rest was meh. not bad but you can do way better for the price. and the seats were really uncomfortable.

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still haven't been to Woodsman... reviews from my friends are usually quite mixed.

Anyone hit up Ned Ludd? So proper... cooks everything in a giant wood fired oven but no pizza.

So good!

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i love it here. it's small, but hugely enjoyable. friendly people, good food with plenty of farmers markets and sources for buying produce/meat directly from farms. great sense of community, easy access to the outdoors/hiking/camping/skiing. i moved here ("trendy" nw 23rd area) from san francisco and i think i like it more here. also, my dad lives up by ohsu and it's beautiful up there. i'll be moving in with him this summer to save money for my travels, so we'll see how i like being a bit further further from the action.

i've seen portland on several "best places to live in the world" lists, with a few first place finishes.

some people can't get past the "fixie riding hipsters," but those are the shallow fuckers that don't actually get to know them.

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