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going to be in oregon 9/29-10/1

where should I eat in my short visit, but will leave me with a good impression.

i know it's a big foodie scene.

from anthony bourdain -

voodoo doughnuts

apizza scholls

any good cheap seafood places?

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not much good seafood here.

avoid voodoo, unless your want to waste valuable life in line with tourists for shitty doughnuts.

cant go wrong w/ apizza, best pie ive ever had. amatricana.

these are my goto's. never disappointed.

little bird

le pigeon


screen door



kens artisan pizza

laurelhurst market

havent been to ox- but heard a lot of good things.

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all eastside, but accessible and close in.

closing around 12-




bunk bar


food carts at 12th/hawthorne are last call mainstays.

sizzle pie

not sure about 24hr spots - slappycakes? not near downtown. but 24hrs i think.

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japanese people going apeshit over portland now

mens magazine section in japanese bookstores all have features on PDX

there was like a 20 page DIY furniture making guide with a du from PDX in the most recent issue of Popeye


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