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what are you eating today?


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that double filet o fish

gave me a semi

also that kimchi fried rice looks gross

but good

my new t design

"will fuck for wasabi double fillet o fish"

also that salmon benny

i hate salmon otherwise

but with eggs


you are not inaya

you are me

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whoa whoa, more info on this please. is that supposed to be like a bread pudding with choco croissants in it? looks freaking delicious

you can't see it from the pictures, but when baked for the recommended time, the egg mixture is meant to solidify around the croissants. Howeveeeeeer, my oven must be having issues as the mixture was still slightly runny in consistency :(

The extra crisp/slightly burnt top of the croissants as you can see was bloody great though haha...

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Kinda pricey. $39 bucks for a dozen without tax. Works out to about $3.50 a cookie, which is alot to pay for a cookie. I ordered the Basic Peanut butter Dozen.

Cool Packaging


Peanut butter.

This was the most bland, cookie itself was nice and fluffy, had peanut bits inside. Just didnt really do it for me taste wise.


Cinnamon Sugar.

This was surprisingly good. Im not a fan of Cinnamon, but it was very subtle, although you can definitely tell that its in the cookie. Very thin, crisp on the outside, but turns into a nice chewy caramel-y consistency once you bite.



Chocolate chip.

This was definitely my favourite. Once again, crisp on the outside, really gives it a nice bite, and chewy on the inside. Enough chocolate throughout the cookie, which says alot considering i love chocolate. Pretty big too



Chocolate Decadence.

This cookie really lived up to its name. Chocolate cookie, coated with sugar, with another block of chocolate in the middle of the cookie(the middle layer should be melted) Very very rich and sinful, I feel like Im about to have a heart attack everytime I finish one, in a good way.



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ok so i tried out this cuban restaurant for the first time, and i got a torta cubana with teh fried plantains. it was fantastic but the lighting was horrible so the pic. i took is just awful. dsc00187qa1.jpg

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i usually get excited whenever i see dino as the last to comment on this thread, but that was a little disappointing. fry that ramen and melt some cheese on top of it, or maybe have another shake shack burger on the side. this all so i can escape for a bit and salivate with my eyes closed in front of my computer.

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i had mcdonaldz today for the 2nd day in a row

2 double cheeses and 2 petite fries

and i wanna go tomorrow :(

Everytime I hit the week before finals I break down and get Mcfucks since its so quick and dirty, once I start I seriously cant stop

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Tonight, we paired a geuze by Cantillon, a blend of 1, 2, and 3 year oak barrel aged wild fermented ales with crab bisque and crab cakes served on a bed of arugula with a light balsamic vinaigrette. The crab was caught today by friends of mine.




Later, a beer from Dogfish Head made from a recipe found in Midas' tomb (including muscat grapes, saffron, barley, and honey) was paired with a french baguette with camembert and caramelized onions, and grapes.



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pushkar is a holy city, and as such, everything served is vegetarian. we had cheese, but no eggs. we ate in the hotel nearly every meal because we didn't want to risk a bad tummy before our work was done. thankfully the chef was great.



you can read the papers while you have your grilled tomato and cheese sandwich


indian disposable plates. pretty ingenious.




i didn't order the "lentil deficacy".



mash potato with spinach sauce



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