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what are you eating today?


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asian/jewish fusion? pastrami sandwiches with plum sauce?

potato pancakes with sriracha?

thats some good ideas but we just try to have both food availible, also working to have some "original tastes" by us:

dragon star of david sauce sneak preview soon

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i like pineapples in burgers!

i like deepfried pineapple in burger.. thats why i dont fit in the waywt anymore

im in hongkong

my camera is in new zealand getting fixed

the camera i borrowed needs a different cable

im eating really yummy food though

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avocado on pizza, mind blowing. was this good?

yup.. just like pear in a burger, if ya hop off ya paradigm...

when i think pizza i think thin base fantastic sauce herbs a smidge of cheese and an olive if im feeling risky. but there are all these places that make cooked sandwiches on a big dough base .. bloody food rebels

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i want hk food now :(

fried honey sweet salty everything

i saved you some pretzeled squid things.

im here with a girl thats never travelled and eats very 'white' food so its kinda fun going round making her try new things

time for breakfast


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