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Socal Meetup


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Sigh... I fondly remember the asian camera gang last year. And the random white people we'd meet thinking we're "foreigners". Hope you're having fun chingon :(

Lets all hit up the film fest sometime maybe.... subarashi are there any music video directors making it out to this like there were in the westwood l.a. film fest?

sadly no music video director appearances. although, bill plympton's new music video is screening and he's going to be there for a q&a. zhangjiake, desplechin, aronofsky, gondry, amongst others. sent you info for passes bruv.

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any good deals or just all those brands setting up shop

second that

Also ne one here want to start an OC Events thread? I got friends in the club scene in OC mainly (sometimes they do LA) that throw pretty good events. performances from DJ jazzy Jeff, Warren G, LMFAO, DJ AM, Tone Loc, DJ Quick, well you get the idea...

not like we would be hanging out because the first rule of Superfuture/Supertalk is there is no ..........

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southern cali los angeles has become rather a cold and lonely place...

well.. actually it's rather hot and sunny during the days.


click through for link to their picture :]


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