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  1. soraanaam

    Supertrash: Yes/no

    yea you pussy ass, just because you handicapped and dont know how to use ignore shouldnt mean we have to post what your ass likes
  2. soraanaam


  3. 180 shipped for the sewards?
  4. soraanaam

    so bored at work

    shit in a bag, or take dog shit, open up their drawers and smear the shit inside and over the keyboards and whatnot
  5. wildcat,do you give away christmas present?
  6. soraanaam

    The Unbanning.

    Garbage Man, Westside Wants To Tell You That His Name Is Jesus And Its Pronounced Heyzooos
  7. soraanaam

    The Unbanning.

  8. soraanaam

    Worst Feelings, Ever

    he drank it too, like its so bad like if you fill up the whole sink, you can acutally like yellow particles, thats why the have a water service like arrowhead over here and drink water from bottles, rule number one was not to drink tap water, the chinese dont even do it, and my fucking friends fills up a whole nalgene bottle.
  9. soraanaam


    when you quit you quit with revenge, like cuz wen you quit you already lost to her, so when you quit fuck up her car or something. sidewall all of her tires come up from behind her and put a brick to her face. show the bitch whats up
  10. soraanaam

    High Fashion Mountaineering Boots...

    dude, they have a danners website and you dont need to buy from japanese site so simple www.danner.com and its free shipping on all orders in the U.S.
  11. soraanaam

    Free Edmond

    eh mang, dont fuck with durden, are you out of your fuckin mind? do you see his pic? he will whoop your ass
  12. soraanaam

    Worst Feelings, Ever

    not even close, when i was in china my buddy took filled my nalgene water bottle with tap water. we both drank the water, so we were chilling and my friend started getting cramps and he was all over the floor. i was like wtf, so we stopped at a small chinese clinic and they immediately took a long unsterilized needle and wanted to inject him with some shit, i was like hell naw. so we took a cab back to ningbo when i started to feel the pain myself then it hit with all its force. its like zeus sticking his whole hand in my stomach grabbing whatevers in there and started twisting. we both got injections of like 500cc antibiotics or something and we laid down and went fast to sleep. woke up and didnt feel anymore pain, i would give up my entire denim collection and my cycles to not go through that shit again
  13. soraanaam

    the weirdest animal you ever saw?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ufo Technology
  14. soraanaam


    yea, but i am thinking that these triangle shapes are creations by our foverment, because I have been reading on sightings of these shapes. they tend to have a steady pace or not but more of a steady pace. the most famous sighting was when a police officer sighted one and he chased it with his car and actually radio other officers in which they also saw the trinagle shaped craft and gave in to the chase, but the craft just disappeared. though the movements of such does not to include such power as seen with saucers. or it could be that the extraterrestials like us, some have fast ass cars and some have slow ass cars, so that couldve been a poor extraterrestial going sight seeing, but i think its more of a military craft. kitae shaped crafts have entirely bullshit resistance and i do not think it will be able to go throughout space like that
  15. soraanaam

    Shoes that look better with age...

    would you reccomend cats paws or vibrams?