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Unknown Japanese Brands


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^north jeans have a very short inseam..

actually this brand looks really cool.


from what google translate tells me, they make jeans with a 17oz denim, and use 0 size thread so the stitching looks nice and thick ( well it is ). Also they make a black denim that is rope dyed ( i think.. ) and is designed to fade.

However warp is firmly rope staining for the charity,

Steady sharp fall fashion is fun


If they make this in the TA70002 cut then i bet someone may be tempted to take the plunge ( but then no one has posted the black somets slims yet...). They also say the indigo denim is supposed to fall vertically. It does appear like structure denim does.

^ I haven't heard anything since this. They look very interesting..

Tasuki Jeans slim straight. Looks very similar to pbj xx005.



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ive been wearing the regular cut tasukis on and off for the last couple months. the regular cut is more slim than regular IMO. i dont think i could go for the slim cut. they would be too slim for my taste.

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I got these full nelson jeans recently. They fit really good, a nice slim straight fit.

awesome. i was waiting for somebody to get a pair of these. they look really good faded in the denim indigo master book, too. anxious to see how yours will turn out. :cool:

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Guest Arcarsenal

^^^^ It's between these and the Tabloid News jeans that I saw in the Encyclopedia that are going to be my next pair. Both of them look amazing when they are faded.

Excellent fit, thejimbo. Did you buy true to size?

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those Higuma's look real cool, would be good to see some fit pics, they only make one cut?

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