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Unknown Japanese Brands


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jeans originally were around 200 dollars

after everything like 250.

these are the second best series momotaro makes, (copper series), the best series (gold) was kind of a turn off because they dont even fade and were all fitted pretty baggy, plus their totally handmade jean costs 1500 dollars:eek:.

ill make a thread or revive the momotaro thread soon....

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kt, the price point's not as bad as i imagined. (i have heard of the all-hand-made $1500 jeans, too -- crazy.)

the denim looks really interesting to me. looking forward to your updates. thanks man.

poly, those jeans have your name written all over it.

i'm done for a while. long while. the only thing that would change my mind is either a pair of nando's or evisu 2000's hand painted gulls.

also those are too similar to my oni's which i need to start wearing asap.

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are those the ones that that tony hige mentioned cause i want to know i little more cause i view that as a strong endorsement

Nylon - weird name, but some of the best jeans out there. They were based out of Kobe - they went out of business, but they still have a store in Kobe and there still is stock available
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Ok, not exactly an unknown brand, but apparently a new model? Anyone seen these? Also, check out the price: About $118 US with tax!

I think I may have to just order them. Any thoughts on the sizing?

I have a pair. Very nice jeans for the price. Just take your normal size or size down one. Denim and color has nice vintage feel on them.

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That groovers shit is absolutely ridiculous. Being japanese is no excuse for being ignorant. If they want to copy american heritage they should read up on that shit first.

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