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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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yea, i really disagreed with the aesthetics of both of these two. This looks really really bad. reflects poorly on heads of both of these dudes.

like, these two uglyass so in sos cant tell me shit for shit from now on they fail on both style and sensibility for environment.

yall stink.

EDIT: a relook, 2nd pic isn't that bad. just real coonish choice of pants to go with everything else that looks otherwise looks chill.

but mega you are the lamest dude ever with that one

DOUBLE EDIT: mega, wow, totally emberassed i just trashed you shit after u repped me for the black thread. just being honest man you woulda probably done better with a non black shirt it looks like youre a black hole or something with all that

always a self-hating black man hating on other black men concept

(love, the self-hating Korean who hates other Koreans)


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bitchassness is at a all time high right now it seems.

this is not anything to do with your fits or whether they are good or best worthy, but if i remember correctly bitchassness is not being able to take criticism like a man, or needing to answer every said criticism. [some XenoX level shit]

bobo doesn't like your stuff, saying that it looks too new...here is a news flash, both the original pic with the raincoat and the pic in that thread [on styleforum] look like you just bought all of the items, and therefore he is right [if somewhat harsh in what he is saying]

the attacks [from others] on bobo from coming from sweden or being old are just plain silly, given that if the swedes hadn't latched on the the jp obsession with vintage/raw denim i doubt it would have ever made it to the states [via nudies], and the jacket in one of the pictures is a remake of a model from 1953 ???


lay off the racial epitaphs.

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implications?? i think his intent was rather clear....

(and harmless.)

some kids in here look like they goin out 2 werq

building pyramids all day but i guess that's most glamourized

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Some what true Charles I check Styleforum sometimes, but the fact of the matter is he is still bitter off of something that happened about a month ago. Like I said in my previous post I usually just ignore dude. He can go on with his little personal vendetta , im done with it though, bitchassness is at a all time high right now it seems.

When you post your photo up on the internet, you're opening yourself up to criticism, so deal with it. If you didn't want to get shitted on don't post up, simple as. Just because you have your own fashion blog doesn't make you the next Kanye West.


This is shocking, do people actually go out wearing their grandmas curtains wrapped round their legs? Let me guess you're rocking that duck backpack too. Nod to Westside? Oh dear... I guess you bros have to keep things tite.


Polish labourer steez? or "O hai, I just broke in to your house".... I can't decide.

Oh and oOmega you're a good poster and all, but why post that up, that gettup is cheaper than anything that Jeepster has put up in long.

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Fuck. I can't wear black because I'll just blend in with it, huh? WTB: skin bleach.

lol i don't wear brown for that very reason. i used to punk on this guy at my old job because he was filipino and wore brown shirts all the time, "manuel, put on a fucking shirt"

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I'm baffled.

Fuck. I can't wear black because I'll just blend in with it, huh? WTB: skin bleach.


I once picked up a nude/beige color shirt and the guy I was with then said you'd look like you're naked.

dunno if that's good or bad but I like that color : (

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Is that an euphemism for me hitting black people?

Oh and a few people would disagree with you there...

Don't worry about it man eventually you will get the hang of it.

Here I gotta joke to cheer ya up.

What is the only thing stopping your mom from going to Jenny Craig?

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