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what are you watching today?


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gosh i hated every single character in this movie which made me hate the entire movie ugh. thank god it was like 80 minutes ro something


this, le cercle rouge and army of shadows = melville's trifecta

delon is so impossibly handsome coottttt

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^^ is that out already? how did you like it?


inglourious basterds

yeah... i think it had a limited release, just only a couple theatres in my area playing it...


the trailer is what sold me though (so did my girlfriend :P)

it's a cute movie, no more, no less. don't expect anything groundbreaking

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saw district 9, pretty cool story. I liked the alien ghetto concept. I thought it was gonna turn out to be an allusion to slavery, but thankfully it steered clear of that ship.



a lot of existentialist trip out talk... sometimes too much to take in when stoned.

edit: wrong word

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do You Have A Link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




i got it thru torrents man, just dug through google a bit, came with this huge 39gig comp of vids including the keepintime and brazilintime vids so its worth checking out (ill pm u)

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