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what are you watching today?


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ooo i really liked tsotsi...what did you think of it?

for me, i just watched a couple of old episodes of frasier (i record it on my dvr). i'm planning to watch a couple of episodes of the office (need to catch up), and hopefully the good shepherd later today.

i also really liked it. loved the cinematography and soundtrack, namely in the opening sequence. what makes it more impressive is the fact that its coming out of post-apartheid south africa. i thought the story could do with a bit more polishing though.

today im watching: husseins execution.

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good flick. you should try watching the tarkovsky version.

i just finished watching "contempt" in between episodes of house m.d.

funny you mention him. i just got the mirror. only because i was recommended to do so. i fell asleep in andrei rublev.

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I'm watching the blizzard updater for WoW creep very slowly for a tiny 465 MB update, should take no longer than a couple of minutes with my internet connection speed, it is estimated to take another 7 hours after getting only 17% downloaded.

This is irritating.

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French television sucks arse, so lately myself, spike and the friend we went to Paris with find ourselves watching shitty soft porn while dubbing it ourselves. Helps pass the time once the shops are closed and happy hour (5 till 8?!) is over.

If I was at home I'd be watching 8 Simple Rules reruns though.

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I've watched a shitload of movies while I've been on vacation too. I'm trying to remember them all ..

- The Maltese Falcon

- M

- Sunset Boulevard

- The Killing

- Rear Window

- The Desperate Hours

- True Romance

- Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

- Infamy

- Annie Hall

- Boys of 2nd Street Park

- Blue Car

- Lucia, Lucia

- Ashes & Diamonds

- Yo Soy Boricua

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