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  1. australia :: melbourne :: shopping

    man i am hipsters jeans and vans when i ride
  2. how long until jmatsu gets himself banned?

    ban haptronic!!
  3. australia :: melbourne :: shopping

    ^yeah def still riding bianchi pista cos im a lame hipster (Y) changed out the wheels, handelbars, stem, pedal, straps, saddle lol but im kinda looking for a better saddle actually recently, cos the one i got is giving me a bruised gooch what you riding?
  4. australia :: melbourne :: shopping

    soo nice for me goes on quiet strong, citrusy but not sour, almost too much for me but after about an hour it cools down and you get vanilla scents and its amazinggggggg sorry i really suck at describing fragrances lol lol yeah i popped down with some friends since i was at caulfield uni, but was mostly in women and makeup stores cos i was with three girls... pretty mcuh every store was around 20% off all merchandise which was nice FAT was ithink 10% off merch and 15% off denim if i remember correctlyy.... but yeah i didnt end up getting anything anyway kind of just want to buy the sidezip cdg wallet in plain black, but FAT only had it in polkadot colourways aiyooo
  5. australia :: melbourne :: shopping

    got this: l'instant de guerlain pour homme soooo nice was looking for cdg odeur 53 but it was either unavailable on online stores or like $220 at assin... and i didnt want to risk it buying it on ebay
  6. australia :: melbourne :: shopping

    awesome thanks guys
  7. australia :: melbourne :: shopping

    what's the deal with buying perfumery online and getting it shipped here? is it illegal? i know you cant send it through air or express with aus post, but not sure if thats including getting it shipped here
  8. lets talk watches

    uniform wares 100 series friends just got me this in the dark grey colourway super nice i love it
  9. Super...Smokers?

    man fuck you guys seriously here in aus pack of dunhills i smoke cost me $17.90ish fuuuuuckkkkkk i semi-quit though though now. havnt had a cigarette in 4.5 days im dying gonna buy a pack tomrorow though cos i deserve it
  10. Random Thoughts...

    i dont even want to open it i cant stand thigns like that with animals ughhhh
  11. superconfessional

    havnt had a cigarette in 2 days go me
  12. What are you wearing today? (pics only)

    nike x cassette playa tech bomber pam tee country road gloves cheap mondaay jeans (have am assive rip on my ass lol) old nike blzazers yee
  13. waywt? saved my life

    nike x cassette playa tech bomber pam tee country road gloves cheap mondaay jeans (have am assive rip on my ass lol) old nike blzazers yee
  14. Streetstyle

    get details for the leopard print bag??