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my cousin is my go to guy for pho reviews. he describes the best pho as "danky ass broth, chewy noodles, fresh meat. no post pho MSG head feel" he eats in portland. dunno what his spots are.

either way, whenever he visits me in seattle, i try to take him to some spots that i think are good, and he says they are all shit, and i agree. the best pho that we have found in seattle thus far is in a billiard hall on MLK where you don't really want to go during night time called billiard hoang. haha read this yelp review http://www.yelp.com/biz/billiard-hoang-seattle-2

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pho vinh ky 2 at garden grove has 50% off pho at the moment

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there are like 50 spots in garden grove that have 50% pho.

noone should be shopping around for pho prices, shit is pretty cheap anyways. Pho VT in pomona was pretty dope yesterday.

what the..thats right by my school hahahh

i was at albertos yesterday..tell me moar about vt though

is it the one on holt?

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^ i've been to all of the vietnamese restaurants in chinatown

and honestly, they are only sub par. even the once-great pho bang is lacking now.

the pho bang on mott st? i don't think i've been to that one. one of my friends likes cong ly on hester, but i didn't think it was that good. i've had good pho at one of the pho places on grand st. i think it was pho grand. i'm always on the hunt for good pho. let me know!

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I finally tried Golden Turtle's pho - little joint on Ossington in Toronto. Cilantro free, and the noodles are so so perfect. A +.

No Cilantro??

pffffffffffffffft then

of all the Pho places i've been to, i've never gone to one in the city

but i wanna try some pho for $0.25.

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