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Black hog is definitely good. That sandwhich place they run next door is definitely worth a few visits too.


Also cass piece, I clearly stated it's thought hipster by some due to its location. I then followed that up saying despite that, the chefs are true to the cuisine and not white people reinterpreting a foreign culture's cuisine with american influenced flavors. Not only that, 99% of the customers when i've gone are non white if that's what you're worried about.

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my cousin is my go to guy for pho reviews. he describes the best pho as "danky ass broth, chewy noodles, fresh meat. no post pho MSG head feel" he eats in portland. dunno what his spots are.

either way, whenever he visits me in seattle, i try to take him to some spots that i think are good, and he says they are all shit, and i agree. the best pho that we have found in seattle thus far is in a billiard hall on MLK where you don't really want to go during night time called billiard hoang. haha read this yelp review http://www.yelp.com/biz/billiard-hoang-seattle-2


any updates on better spots?

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any updates on better spots?


GREAT AMERICAN CASINO in tukwila, of all places, make a fucking fantastic bowl of ox tail pho.  15$ its a huge fucking bowl too, with many many  pieces of ox tail. almost as good as my home made version which is unfuckwitable.  maybe if i have time i will try to write down the recipe. 




no joke.  blew me away. apparently the kitchen staff is all vietnamese and everything on the menu is on point.  


also my cousin moved up here to seattle now.  i can ask about portland though.



i have very strong opinions (facts really) about pho.  i dunno if this threak ready. most peeps are eating shitty, salty, fish sauce spiked pho that looks like chicken broth, but rave about it because it's "exotic." and cures hangovers. yelp is doing the pho world no favors.  

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Does anyone know if Vietnamese pork chop is marinaded with nuoc cham?


everything is marinated in fish sauce dude.


if anyone is in San Jose check out pho 90 degree

don't pay attention to yelp, as per usual


from what i understand their noodles are handmade and cut 

always go for the thick noodles, they'll give it to you if you ask

personally, it's one of my favorite spots in sj, but i'm no pho connoisseur 


that's crazy, will need to check it out if it's hand made noodles. Thats like pho to the ramen zen like level


Pho Cafe in LA (on silverlake) is pretty good actually. People want to hate it and say it's hipster cuz silverlake, but no white people work there. It just uses high quality ingredients so semi pricy, but the meat is on point quality wise. Like eating meat from nice restaurant.

Also their vegetarian pho is actually fire since its just a crazy medley of nice mushrooms  


there is a place in burbank called mama hong's which is really good and beats all of LA proper from my experience. totally white washed, but excellent and clean.


The regular dac biet at pho2000 in Ktown is okay, but they have this oxtail pho that's pretty good. The noodles come with the regular broth and the oxtail comes in a separate bowl that has its own broth. It's really beefy when they're mixed together. 


Man, pho 2000 in ktown was junk. It's a traditional chain in vietnam, but if you're in ktown, just go to LEGEND.




chuc mung nam moi y'all

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