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superliving: your room / closet / house / apartment


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i'm moving into my basement in about a month or so after the addition for my grandfather is finished being added onto my house and i would like some ideas on how i wanna lay it out, any furniture i might wanna buy, stuff like that and i figured what better place than superfuture than to try and find some ideas. i'd post a picture of mine but that would be kinda pointless considering its the size of a prison cell and there is CRAP everywhere. that and i dont have any good ones hahaha.

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I strive for my room to look like this. I really like the minimal look with the bed dresser and I guess thats a table back there. I coul do that if I took my TV out of my room but I love Call of Duty too much.:(

Is that a transformer back there?

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Thanks for the words.

poly800rock : I looped twine through the truck mounting holes so that the board hangs off a pair of picture frame hangers. It works pretty well.

mlproject : I purchased the clock off eBay. There a bunch of nice vintage flip clocks on there as well.

Sook A Look : Here's a detail of the toys. I have a few others scattered around the home.


Apartment Therapy has a lot of great ideas on maximizing space. It's a good source of inspiration as well.

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my jeans are organized by designer, and color, and are hung on a nifty rolling rack, while the rest of my room lay in shambles.


I love the contrast between the ultra-ordered jeans rack and the rest of the stuff, this just serves to underline the obsessive nature of jeans collecting.

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