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A few new things in the new year.  Black on black on black.




FPAR College Tote




Puma "Handcrafted In Italy" Star MII




FPAR x Firmament T-Shirt




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this is what happens when a slimane fan-boi on adderall looks for dem dealz


dh 06ss destroyed nwt $70



dh 04ss destryoed $200



slp leopard tee $47



slp permanent collection 3 passant belt  $15


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I understand I look retarded. But hear me out - I don't think the seller had an idea about what he had. He must have not heard about the YSL name change and thought it was a fake.  


Here's a link to what I think I bought cause it looks awfully similar  


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Why are you all hating on this, I mean beside the obvious people who have a feud with Schadenfreude? They would look great with some slim navy slacks from Raf or Dries...

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