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In Hong Kong for 3 days if anyone needs any FIL pick ups.


How much would a christo sandals run over there?



So whats the purpose of them opening up over in HK if its cheaper to get a proxy to pick up items from Japan. HK is supposed to be tax free, but then again, a lot of brands like CH is doing the same thing, where its cheaper to get stuff in the US with tax than its in HK which is supposedly tax free.

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HK is tax free but thats compared to China.


I dont think people with real money spend that much time on Superfuture. Neither can they be bothered with wasting time on proxies and Japanese prices. HK is one of the richest cities on earth and paying a few extra $ for clothes is of no concern.There is a lot of money here. If you driving a Lamborghini and living in a nice flat on the island then you can afford to walk into FIL and buy your clothes and not worry about the price. Relative to some of the shops and brands in HK Visvim price points are not so high.That old adage holds true, if you need to ask the price then you cant afford it.


Incidentally FIL did have a full size and colour scale of the Christos for sale.

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Yeah, I can agree to your points. Though most of the Lambo driving guys are usually wearing LV, Gucci and shit. And the ones who are usually wearing visvim, NBHD etc are the MTR riding average folks. 


Most of the resellers usually buy from FIL Japan and sell in HK it seems, considering the price gap between FIL HK and FIL JP.

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patina this ....


FIL HK retail is less expensive then any US or EU stock list - don't be mislead to believe otherwise.  Safest bet is to still find a trustworthy JP proxy and buy from JP direct.  The Yen is weak and for most items, the stock is abundant except when special releases ala ICT, Isetan etc.


one basic example


JP retail on 101 jkt damaged - 62,640 yen (inc jp tax) = $630 (on good day) + 10-12% proxy + ems fee maybe total $745ish

FIL HK retail on 101 jkt damaged - 6550hkd = $ 845 USD no tax

US retailer on 101 jkt damaged would be over $1100 usd + taxes

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What leather are they using at the bottom of the 20L? Not sold from the pics, as far as the material is concerned. Looks kinda delicate and less durable than the suede ones they used last year.


The varsity jacket color looks good, might pick that up as soon as there are more pics of it shown.

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