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Recent Purchases 2014


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Here's my most recent purchases for myself this christmas 


the canvas duffle bag from fw13 is much better than this years moody bag. This bag actually maintains its shape and is very heavy. 



dna dust leather sleeve jason hoodie. can anyone tell me what season this is from? cant remember. the leather sleeves feel like butter also 




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Do you suffer from schizophrenia? wtf


this would actually explain a lot  :ph34r:


if you're referring to how incoherent the whole thing is I agree that its all over the place.

Individually though I like em and they are welcome replacements for my old stuff that fits like ass, which are getting culled as we speak.

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don't know relative to other porter jackets other than the labrat but i'd say tts in comparison to supreme

yea, i was hoping it'd be closer to jp sizing but its def not

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