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Super Goals & Resolutions: We Out Here Edition


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  • 3 months of sobriety starting 1/1  - the 3 months got me down to weekend only drinker (bonus lost 10lbs)
  • kill it spring semester
  • finish school on top  - crossed the finish with a four.o
  • start a sweet job...job hunting sux
  • finally start planning for retirement - now have cfp and close to no debt

  • if there's any coin left on 12/31/2014, maybe buy new'er' car ...tbc


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Internship fell through due to the company going through economic downturn, but I have an interview tomorrow with an amazing architecture / engineering / interior design firm that I would be incredibly excited to work for and learn from.  So only one new goal this time:


[~] get the job!! 

I didn't get the position at the firm I was hoping for, but a small engineering company specializing in building systems took me on instead.  The guy who started the company interviewed me himself and seemed eager to help the new interns get a leg up in the industry, so I'm looking forward to this job too.  Not to mention half of the employees working there are former interns who graduated from my university, so I'll probably have a job right out of college if I want it. 


Commuting to Trenton everyday is gonna be a bitch though...

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i guess since i completed mine relly fast i should set some goals hmmmm


- get my lifts back to where they were when i stopped due to injury/sickness, then

- start setting new PRs =]

- bike a metric century

- bike an imperial century 





need new bars before i do more serious cycling, my current old style drop bars fuck up my left elbow

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New goals:

Find people to cop the clothes in my closet that are too big 

Quit Cigarettes (1 day down!)

Save up for trip to London

Meet a girl who has their own opinions and I find interesting instead of wasting my time on looks alone.

Develop a normal eating habit instead of just eating a large breakfast and being sick for rest of day

Finally buy a new camera

Run a little every other day

Continue to do daily yoga

Sold lots of shit so that is nice. Still lots to sell though.

Haven't smoked since this post after 7 years of smoking so thats exciting

No time for girls. All time is spent on school

Fuck a normal eating habit 1 meal a day cheaper anyways

No money for camera. Need money to travel

Run a lot lately

Not much yoga.


So all in all I'm pretty happy

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  • 1 month later...

get a new job

get back into reading for pleasure

receive coop placement at rogers tv

maintain at least an 80 average

improve photography portfolio

start gathering diy equipment and making short films

b more comfortable voicing opinions on things I feel strongly about


- content without a job for now, keeping up with school and coop is taking up most of my free time

- started reading again

- got the coop placement at rogers, filming hockey games and ish isn't really what I'd like to be doing but I'm meeting cool people and getting some much needed technical experience in television production

- don't know how that average is gonna turn out might need to look at a fifth year of highschool

- too lazy to improve portfolio right now

- rlly need to get on that

- nah

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Finish up this damn semester already (short term)

Ace my research semester next year

Do my 1 semester's worth of work placement in God knows where

Graduate my masters degree so I can finally work and get moneyz

Get accredited

Buy a mahlkonig vario with said moneyz (still kinda 50:50 on this)

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  • 1 month later...

Still no job, given up looking this month really

Made it into my first choice for university

No hardware for mixing yet, I honestly couldn't be fucked to burn CDs for CDJs, and I squander whatever money I should be saving for turntables, so I'm gonna start doing mixes in Ableton 

Still knitting, hope to knit a yak wool scarf before the 1st of March

Started running again over this spring


Goals for 2015:


- Get a job

- Buy decks and a mixer

- Buy more Jan Jan van Essche

- Start marathon training (probably)

- Start hiking again

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a bit early but not much is gonna change in the next few weeks...

2014 I'm trying to not undo any of the stuff I achieved this year, plus I want to find some quality paid industry work, and build a closer relationship with my parents and extended family.

Finally I'm trying to have a less shitty work/life balance, I love what I'm doing right now but I do it 80-100 hours a week without vacation, and I feel like I should spend some of that time meeting people outside of school and traveling the world.

2014 was successful except for the work/life thing which is still problematic, especially now that im with a girl who has a job working normal hours


- be diligent about biking to work/school instead of taking the train just because its cold or a few raindrops or whatever

- get better at waking up early and starting work early... i often lose 2 hours in the morning just "getting ready" to work on my own stuff

- get a job with a big belgian or french house over the summer (i have a few specific ones in mind)

- dont waste time on the computer while eating meals

- learn more patterncutting on my own so i dont use school projects as an excuse to do that

- take my health stuff to the next level (i was healther this year than ever before, but it was a circle of doing well, plateauing, then slacking, and then working my way back to the same plateau again)

- ive become a bit complacent with my current social circle so i wanna meet new people, even if it means going to events alone and starting conversations

- get better at staying in touch with friends in other cities, especially vienna

- rebuilding family relationships is something that takes a lot of time so keep doing that


i think its a pretty reasonable/attainable list 

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after 21 years i quit smoking.  it's been a week and a day.  miss it.


pretty sure my right lung is starting to cave in, i need to quit too  :(

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It's close to the new year, and I'm happy with what I've accomplished with my studies / work in the past year, but my social life and physical / mental health have fallen into disrepair.  Priorities have changed, time for new, different goals:


-  Work on maintaining my relationships with people.  Reach out to 1 friend a week who I haven't seen in a while.

-  Prioritize internship money for paying off all student loans.

-  Cook more often, eat better.

-  Stick with weekday exercise routine. 

-  Find time to read


Some creative deadlines I have to set for myself:


[X]  Finish writing short film by January

[]  Begin filming by March

[]  Wrap before May

[]  Finish chair design and build the finished product by February

[]  Write lyrics for remaining songs and record EP by February

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