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Super Goals & Resolutions: We Out Here Edition


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1) Keep a conscious habit to regulate my thoughts and thinking patterns.  + meditate 


2) Read more. Deleting my social media apps from my phone and keeping a book on me. 


2) Keep exercising. Should probably set something specific but last January I started jogging regularly then eventually started lifting and have been consistent. Don't have any numbers but I want to keep going to the gym 3/4 times a week consistently.


3) Shoot more film and actually post more of my work instead of sitting on it and hyper-criticizing it.


4)Stop thinking/talking about politics so fucking often

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Been ages since I've visited this site.  Accomplished a lot, and fell behind in other things. 


I wrote and shot a short film, but stopped exercising.  Killing it at school / internship, but stopped keeping up with fashion entirely.  I went to a ton of great DIY shows this year, but my diet has gone to shit. 


My 2016 goal is to get my health and fitness back on track, while keeping up the creativity I fostered in 2015.  And buy some new clothes with my hard earned $$. 

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