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Found this article on a couple's backpacking trip in Europe that cost them about $11,000 to see England, The Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, France, and Spain. I have traveled to Italy and Greece and loved it! But now I'm craving some more adventures and this time taking my boyfriend along with me to experience this. Any backpackers out there who's willing to give some advice? How do you guys normally start planning your backpacking experiences! What do you bring? Where have you been and what are your favorite places? Ugh, so many questions but please DISCUSS!

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$1800? Either I read wrong or you did. It says the total trip was over $13 000 USD for the two of them and they got their flights super cheap.


I'm sure you already know Thailand is a backpacker favorite. I'm partial to Asian countries because they're typically cheaper. Vietnam is one of my favorites. I've met many random people who have even raved about the food. It's also a favorite of Anthony Bourdain if you care.


Check this out for an idea on pricing:




I would just bring a day pack no bigger than 50L and try to travel as light as possible. It's tiring and seems stupid to be carrying a big ass 80L pack, but that's just personal preference I guess.


Not sure what your style is but I'm kind of a slob. I would bring two changes of clothes and maybe a third for the club or something. Of course things like water bottles and the stuff you would bring on a typical day hike. Hiking shoes and a pair of sandals. A laptop/tablet. Depending on where you're going you could just buy anything you're missing for super cheap, clothes included. If you have too much you can mail some stuff back if you can't bear to toss it.


Get a compression sack. Those things can be a lifesaver. 



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I can definitely second the travel light part.


If you're willing to play it by ear (and endure shitty travel conditions/things not always working out as planned) then you can travel for stupid cheap, especially overland.


Don't know how much risk you're willing to take, but hitchhiking, buying crappy second hand cars, making friends and going places with them have led to all my most memorable travel experiences. Of course, you're less likely to get raped/murdered doing it if you're a big hairy dude


One of the best trips I ever had was a week driving around sicily in a 100euro car that a mate had bought, sleeping in the car/on the side of the road. My least favourite trips are ones where everything is planned beforehand

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