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if you wanna live close to where you work id suggest the cheung sha wan/lai king area ... very big and relatively new property developments at "reasonable" prices


the sheung wan / soho area of course is great when it comes to restaurants, bars, galleries, etc. but if you work in kwai hing it would take quite long to get to work


i lived in yuen long before and worked in tsuen wan and i also found it quite convenient! low rent, cheap food and very quiet and green in some areas & if you live close to the MTR station it only takes you 30mins to TST


what i cannot recommend for a not chinese person is to move to these villages in the NT, made some pretty bad experiences there myself. as a "gweilo" u better live in the urban areas


I'm not gweilo :) Australian Asian. I can speak Cantonese pretty accurately in everyday conversation.


So given I will be working in Kwai Hing, and I will most likely be heading in Central/TST/MK/WanChai most weekends for shopping or drinking, should I still look for a place on Kowloon side or HK Island? I know Kwai Hing is a bit out of the way but I still want to pick a location that gives me a happy medium. I don't mind a morning commute of up to 30 mins.


So what kind of place would I be aiming for for around 6000hkd? Would it be quite run down and old?


I posted an ad on EasyRoomMate.hk and have received quite a bit of interest already but can't do anything until im actually in HK and spend time looking at flats.

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Doing ? 

Haven't really decided yet. Something i always wanted to do and thought it was the right time in my life to do it. I have a HKID card so i can work in HK without a visa but saved up enough that i wont be dependent on a job. Want to enjoy life a bit before i get a mortgage etc.

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Never actually got to party at LKF, friends and I usually only go out in TST. I need better connections though my buddy is a homebody and stays in with his girl half the time.


let me know some places to go in TST bro..

Kinda sick of the kids running around LKF, wouldnt mind seeing what's in Kowloon, only place I really know is Knutsford..

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I think if you don't speak any Cantonese, the only place to go would be LKF and central area.

I've been there a few times, and chances are if you don't know anybody, can be quite a shitty experience.

Never tried any of the suburb bars etc, but then again, I'm not into the drinking mode for the past few years.

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